Customs duty from Australia

Does anyone have experience of ordering goods from Australia vav Customs/Import Duty? I need to order a specialist vet shampoo and it turns out that the only place that does the quantity i need is in Oz, albeit with a 4 week wait. However, I’m keen not to be clobbered with a Customs bill when it arrives!

How is it arriving?? via La Poste ???

I use this site for imports from the USA.
Australia - just be aware of who you ship with.
We found it cheapest to use the postal system as
they add less charges than a private courier company
like UPS.

APS - the Australian Postal Service!


Thank you for this- it’s brilliant!

Fair enough… we’ve got a parcel coming from UK (car parts) via The Post Office/La Poste and they are charging us 8€ Customs to be paid on delivery…
We’re waiting to see how this pans out…

(seems it’s only 2€ if paid online… I think that’s what the email says.).

Wow that is cheap! I got charged €13 at Christmas by them for a pack of socks and a little blanket !!

We’re waiting to see what happens when the parcel arrives… first time we’ve done this and I’m hoping the payment demand is not a scam. It says I can save money by paying online, but I prefer to pay by cheque to my local postman… once I can see the parcel with my own eyes.

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I’ve been buying tech stuff from the US recently via Amazon and once I keep the value below €150 I pay no duty, just TVA. Parcels I’ve received from my daughter in Oz have attracted no duty eather…

Our parcel arrived today.

Postlady was bemused when I mentioned an email (purporting to come from Lapost) asking for 8€ and she showed me her “machine” which clearly showed what she was demanding: 26€ which I paid by cheque payable to La Poste.

As the goods were sold from UK with zero VAT, it seems reasonable to pay it here in France.

She mentioned that I was not the first to query these charges… and she added that at least I asked in friendly-fashion unlike many who have been abrupt/rude/angry etc.
and she roared with laughter when I said that this was our first and probably our last foray into the International Shopping world. :wink:

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Amazingly, we’ve received an email with the paperwork attached, to support the 26€ charge…
8€ (Laposte) plus 18€ VAT = 26€

so, it looks as though I could have saved some euros by paying the Laposte charge on-line but, as there are all sorts of scams about, I’m quite happy to have paid the extra… it’s worth it for the peace of mind.

Very wise to be very wary. I don’t know what sort of malware I have on my phone but even though I have an anti-virus installed, a very suspicious thing happened two days ago. I know there are plenty of phishing emails and texts but this seems like too much of a coincidence…

I started up my Netflix subscription again and paid via PayPal. 30 minutes later my phone notified me it had put a text message into the spam folder. It was a text saying my PayPal payment for Netflix had been declined. I took a look at PayPal and there was no issue at all. To be honest if my phone had not put the message into Spam I may have fallen for it as I had just updated my number with Netflix.

I don’t do ANY banking on my phone for just this reason!

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