Cut and blow dry

wouldn’t whacking burglars over the head with the jolly hockey stick be more effective?


I don’t think any of the opposing teams were burglars… so could only attack below the knees. :wink: but if any baddies come into our house… we’re ready for 'em… in fact I’ve 2 hockey sticks… One is my own “tried and trusted” and the other is my daughter’s …
OH and I will have a wonderful time… although I think we might be charged with assault (daft as it seems)

Sorry you have to look at the overall picture of prices in France, some things cost more and some less so we cannot always look at cost on an induvial item.

Not sure why you are sorry? :thinking:
My query was a light hearted musing as I’d just had a hair cut in the UK and was wondering how it compared with the cost in France. I remember it being cheaper in France but that was 4 years ago now.
Izzy x

I use a local coiff and it’s around EUR 30 a cut and blow dry. I do resist the ‘products’. However one thing does bring the cost down, since they have a loyalty card that is stamped each time, and each sixth time (I think) is free. I always love walking out without paying :slight_smile:

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Oh how good is that. Great idea! Might suggest it to my local salon owner :wink:
Izzy x

For last few years, started during Covid my husband has cut my hair. Following Brad Mondo on Youtube he has learnt to trim my hair, point cut and gives me simple layers. Again following Youtube he has continued with my highlights using a silicon cap, and now does a root retouch every 3 or 4 months. I was paying about £80 a time for highlights every 3 months and cut and blow dty every in between 6 weeks for £30. And that was from a professional hairdresser friend who had set up a salon in her mum’s house, so would have been far more in a salon in town. So you can work out how much MOH has saved me. And he enjoys it. So check out Brad Mondo!


Is donating hair a thing in France?

I hope so, I could do with some.


Yes, some is used for wigs and many hairdressers send their swept up hair from the floor off to associations which use it to clean the sea (nets full of hair are dragged behind boats or just put in the sea then fished out again, the hair attracts fats and oils)


What a good idea :clap:

I have plenty Mat, pre covid since I last had my hair cut, but it is white!