Cute Donkey looking found a new home!


We are giving our grey donkey not neutered born on January 15, 2015,named “Fripon” (rascal in english) because he’s alone in his pasture and can’t stand loneliness.
He’s not trained but he’s very docile, very nice and friendly, he respects the fences perfectly (a simple electric wire is enough).
We want to find a good family who will take good care of him and who might find him a companion.
We’re living near Gardonne at Gageac et Rouillac, not too far from Bergerac and we can provide his transport.
If you are interested please call : 0652619118 or email :

How did you come to have this young male donkey?
Donkeys need companionship and a young male should be neutered.
It is a big responsibility taking on such an animal as they can live for over thirty years.
I hope you find a home which will suit his needs.


hopefully you can find somewhere for him. Next year I plan to have some donkeys and horses or i would take him but sadly atm he would be alone right now.

I am sure you have good reason for not being able to keep him.

I am sharing to facebook groups.


Suzanne is a former pupil of mine Jane, I have met Fripon and he is a sweetie, but he can’t carry on living with his mother and aunt (on Suzanne’s parents’ farm where he was born) because he is taking inappropriate interest in them and separated from them he is lonely.


There is an obvious answer to this problem which will have to be faced whether or not he stays in his present home or goes to another one.
Castration will give this donkey a much pleasanter life.
He will find a new home more easily.
My vet says that the French have a ridiculous attitude to the sterilisation of animals, almost anthromorphic, plus they don’t like paying for it.
Jack donkeys can become difficult to handle, so castration is in the best interests of all.

had 2 jack donkeys growing up and they were brothers and lovely. never had a problem with them apart from the odd randy moment with the horses and the horses soon put them in their place.

I have shared the post to some of the bigger groups in my area and had quite a few clicks through.

@SuzanneR do you have any photos of this lovely boy you can add. I’m sure he will find a loving home where they can decide if they want him done or not.

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Mrs.Williamson,as Mrs.Langlands was saying, Fripon is born in my parents farm, and we had to separate him from his mother and sister because of his inappropriate interest, and sadly we can’t keep him because we just can’t afford castration.

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Yeah we’ve got no problem with him, he’s really sweet,and when I say he can’t stand loneliness it’s like, if we give him to someone,he can be alone for some time in a pasture but he need someone to come everyday giving him a sugar or a hug ! even a sheep or a goat make good companion !

I don’t think you understand that donkeys need a permanent companion.
Going down to the field to give him a hug just will not do.
It needs to be another animal, donkey, pony, horse or sheep.
It is cruel to keep one donkey.

he is a super cutie :heart::heart:

Hi, would he get along with another male donkey please? I am awaiting a gelding, rescued from the meat man. The female who was to accompany him, has sadly died. We have just over an acre of land with a lake. Stable at the ready, next to the chicken pen. Lot’s of tree’s for shelter in hot weather.