Cycling 2021

Gosh… this doesn’t look much fun to me…

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My favorite race! Couldn’t watch as was travelling home, so will catch up later tonight and can look at photos after just in case any spoilers!

It’s terrific fun Stella, a very, very long time since they had a wet one, ( I can remember being very soggy roadside), so much better than chocking dust! Lovely to see the inaugural Ladies PR yesterday, the conditions weren’t as bad but still awful, the cobbles always produce fantastic racing!

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We watched on France 3 all afternoon. Gruelling to take part! But fantastic to watch. Good coverage. At one point the TV picture suddenly flipped 90° to the left. The camera moto had come to a halt and slid over onto its side.

Brilliant race in impossible conditions. I watched on Eurosport where the guest commentator was Magnus Backstedt who won the race in 2004. He gave a real insight into how difficult the race is.
It has to be one of the most spectacular days of sport anywhere.