Daft things we do to amuse our cats!

I do many daft things to keep Zorro amused [often earning myself a look of 'who are you?' disdain in the process lol] but the latest one is blowing bubbles through a straw in a glass of water!

So what are your tricks?

Sorry everybody for not responding to the replies and nice comments...I haven't really gotten the hang of this yet, but it is a really interesting and comforting Network. I especially love this section, never get enough kitty stories. I now speak 4 languages...Eng, French, franglais and cat (chat, no pun intended)...they teach me everything I need to know.

I could say that Mémé is too big to fit entirely in the photo (haha)...but she is slimming down with age.

She's so gorgeous! I do so love tabbies. [I had to whisper that bit, cos Zorro is a very handsome boy but he's not tabby.]

I am also eyeing up next door's walnut tree for future 'toys'. lol

Simply gorgeous photo Lauren!!

Best games are always home-made, cats will amuse themselves with almost anything!

Oh, Miss Mémé Kitty is awfully pretty! Please give her our regards.

I play "catch me if you can"...great exercise for me and my slightly weight challenged cats. We take turns chasing each other in the yard. Or we play walnut soccer...on the tile floors that really makes great noise. I quit buying toys, they don't even look at them. The Vet. says that they are obese, I tell him that it's the American cuisine. ![](upload://ow3ni8nQzqk5JRiVvS57ZjddZXR.JPG)This is Mémé (grandma) or Miss Kitty.

Thanks Lynn... I'll keep an eye out for it!

I think it was on Zooplus UK site. I remember ordering something and by chance seeing this extrordinary item, thinking that will be interesting - and it is!!

Here it is on amazon US


A cat nip bubble blower? What on earth next! lol

More importantly, where on earth did you find it? Sounds wonderful!

Our cats are always facsinated by bubbles - imagine my delight when I found a cat nip bubble blower, of course, Indi went loopy loo trying to catch them. I think it is wise to limit these playtimes, as I'm sure they get high on the stuff! But it is amazing what you can buy!

Marvin the pumpkin head's favourite game is sat at the bathroom sink, tap running watching the bubbles and trying to catch them, I can see I'll have to invest in some straws next - thanks Chrissie!

Oh, that is a genius idea, I think you have "the touch"!