I have a cardigan from Damart that was a present from someone in the UK and I love it but it's getting a bit old and worn. I would like a new one and was really happy to see that they sell it on the French website. Having checked for my size I saw that the price was 33€95. Out of curiosity I have also checked the UK website to discover the same cardigan at a price of £21 and if you buy 2 (which is what I want to do) there is £4 off. Assuming an exchange rate of 1.25 this is the equivalent of 26€25 or 23€75 if you buy 2.

This is another outrageous example of how prices are so much higher in France than in the UK. How on earth can this be justified?

There are many many things I love about living in France but there are also many things that seriously hack me off!

If you think the French prices are high then go to Finland, Norway, Sweden or Switzerland. They would stun you. It is often taxes and, at least nominally, Damart is a French company but to imagine that means their prices would be cheaper here is a mistake. However, caution when buying from the UK, by the time you pay post and packing the difference is reduced a lot. Also, looking for places where their products are sold at discounted prices may well take that down a fair bit more. Then, above all else, whilst there is no clear rationale for the differences in prices between countries or even branches of Intermarché within France, they exist and either we tolerate them or get round them. I do the latter and there are relatively few things one cannot find discounted and not only 'seconds' as some people will claim they must be. I certainly do that constantly. As for Damart, no idea really. I used to buy their fingerless gloves but in recent years have found better at lower prices anyway.