Danse avec les Stars

Was anyone else following "Danse avec les Stars" ?

Amel; robbed or what?

After getting 10s across the board - well ahead of the others - she loses. I think it might have been a case of the phone-in/txt-in voters thinking she was home and dry - and not bothering to vote.

I'm not really too bothered or, indeed, too surprised at what happens once it's left to the judgement of the great-public-at-large; just look at how fickle they can be when it comes to voting in a government. I was reminded, however, of the last "Dancing on Ice" we saw before coming over here - 2006, I think - when Bonnie Langford, obviously head-and-shoulders above the rest, was trounced in the public vote by the rather average Gaynor Faye.

We thoroughly enjoyed the show and thought it was very well done, but...