Darker side of france

I have just had my book released called False Accusations; Guilty until proven inncent

It details what I went through after my adopted troubled daughter decided to accuse me of Rape

This is the synopsis

Accused of a crime he didn’t commit, author Nik Greene spent years trying to clear his name. Having moved his family to France to start a new life with newly adopted but troubled children, one morning his adopted daughter falsely accuses him of sexual assault. “Without a single thought that the girl was lying, her every word was accepted.” The female judge looked at him and spat the words, “You Monsieur Greene, are a paedophile and a pervert, and I have the authority to put you in prison for 20 years. I am going to make it my mission to do so.” He survived prison to tell his story.

“In a country where it is presumed ‘children don’t lie,’ it took three years to fight the archaic, biased French system and clear my name by law.” Nik Greene has tried to put his horror behind him, “But I still, to this day, have nightmares of the time I spent in a jail more akin to Victorian England.” he says

Please visit my website for more details www.nikgreene.com or www.falseaccusationsbook.com