Dartford crossing, fine?

We went on the M25 last week to get to Dover. We went on the Dartford bridge and it said to pay by midnight the next day. Unfortunately after not getting to Holland until after 11pm I wasn’t very with it and forgot to pay it until the following day. As I did actually pay will I still get a fine???

French registered car?

No not usually, where its your first crossing in that vehicle provided you havent used it before on the crossing you just get a warning and have to pay for the crossing which you have already done, keep the evidence!

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That’s a relief!

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I’ve had to ring the people at the crossing a couple of times. At least once it was because I forgot to pay.

I found them invariably polite and helpful, eager to find solutions.

A bit like Le Shuttle.


So, if France goes Barrier Free… might there be similar problems???
or will the Peage Company (whoever) have free access to one’s bank account and simply debit, debit, debit… as necessary… ???

Unfortunately I never managed to get through to a person!!!

NB also

"Thank you for contacting Dart Charge, the service is currently unavailable due to essential maintenance which is expected to complete by the afternoon of Sunday 30 July.

"Our contact centre will be open from 8am and will be able to assist you with any non-specific account/general queries, however we will unfortunately be unable to access your account or take any payments during the maintenance period.

"We appreciate that this may cause concerns therefore:

“* Please be assured that for any crossings made on 27, 28, 29, 30 and 31 July, customers will have until midnight Tuesday 1 August to pay.”

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The idea is that with France being far more used to toll roads, and a much higher percentage of people with tags etc, it’s far less likely to be a significant issue, no. Of course that’s the theory and we’ve all got anecdotes about people who arrive at a Peage and suddenly remember they have to pay for it, or use the wrong lane, or remember their bag/purse/wallet is in the boot and have to retrieve it etc etc etc, I’m sure it won’t be problem free. Of course the easiest thing to do if they do ever want to go barrier free or booth free or whatever would probably be to just charge non-tag users more, and remove any and all monthly subscriptions or such for having the tag. Encourage everyone to get one wherever possible, and penalise those who don’t. Of course that brings up other issues of fairness and edge cases, as we see so often on here, the ‘what if I haven’t got a smartphone’ type arguments which are entirely valid, but I’d have imagined the more people the providers could get to use the tags, the easier future developments will be to implement.

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I’m quite happy for all drivers to use the toll roads and get wherever they’re going really quickly…

and leave me to trundle on the no-charge alternative routes…

mind you, finding an alternative route than Dartford Crossing… is a bit of a hike… via Skegness perhaps… :wink: :wink:

Don’t forget the venerable Woolwich Ferry!

(ps it’s closed for maintenance until 4 September 23)

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You still have the Blackwall tunnel (inside the ULEZ though)

I’d rather the Woolwich Tram Shed… than the Ferry :wink: :wink:

They are building another crossing which should be late and over budget, :roll_eyes: