Dates for quarterly a-e tax payments

hello all...

what are the dates and relevant periods for the quarterly tax payments?

we're newly registered and i'm setting up a little spreadsheet in order i can 'easily' do my accounts...



I have to admit that that made me laugh! My experience of France since I have lived here from 2007, if pressed to sum up the country in one word, would be: BACKWARD. I totally agree with you.

I think it is different times for different people. I have done it online for three years and my accounts book confirms 1 January, 1 April, 1 July and 1 October are when the demand arrives, to be paid by the last day of that month or the first Monday of the next month if the last day is over weekend. In that case, the demand would normally have arrived today. I then have until 30 April to pay. My OH has hers on paper and should get it in the next 10 days but with the same deadline but a few days before to post it to arrive by then. We are both quarterly as well.

It is April 30th if you are on a trimester basis which I had since I became AE. I started online declaration last trimester, we'll see how well it works this time.

darn it - and we just bought a new/used filing cabinet and a can of spray paint - so much for being organised (and integrated!!!)

The paper will soon be gone, my OH is resisting dropping the paper but was told that it is in vain because by this time next year...

we both have AE status and still use paper for the forms - it's great to have a proper real-life copy of it, and the cheque!

we've not received our return for jan feb mar period - to be paid end of April, and I don't expect them for another week at least - it's one of those pieces of paper where you drop everything, write the cheque, copy everything and straight to the post office...

x teresa

That is the payment date. Mine is due now, I had my last one literally one minute into the new year as I was sending greetings out to friends.


The next date is April 30th then every 3 months.

Brian, may I quote you on this please? It is more relevant today than ever before!

I think I vaguely remember that when I switched to online payments I did it all in one go first time. However, there is no reason not to do it I imagine.

Thanks Brian for your swift reply. Should I dwell a pause or should I register with the online paying site? There is something on the site Starting a Business in France about delays until the 7th April. As I’m not a member, I can’t see the answer.

Good point! The first of April and no demand from URSSAF first mail in! Normally it would have been in my inbox already today, so perhaps there is a delay this quarter. I suggest you wait and see. Remember that we have until the end of the month anyway, so a few days here or there doesn't matter.

Forgive me asking a ridiculous question. I expected an email requesting my first payment for the AE Quarterly Tax… Nothing. Do I have to register at first? I genuinely thought that having given my email address, and just about everything else in triplicate, during the registration process, they would contact me and then I logged on!

Hooray! I've received my form today in the post. I can now get the return in on time....

I wonder how many people on this forum aren't aware of the legal requirement to keep certain documents for the 5, 10 and life period...!

For those who aren't too sure have a look at this list, some things will amaze you: cheque stubs - 30 years!!!

Bonne lecture !

Hi Finn Thanks for your reply. Yes, I thought I had made the declarations but not printed them out - I usually do it for year end. But there is nothing listed on previous declarations. I do have my bank statements but havent yet been through them - of course now I will. And yes, never throw anything out - my filing cabinet is overflowing - just think how many forests could have been saved.

Chatting to neighbours about the AE business this evening they told us about 'Andy' who died suddenly last summer. He was French, but born in 'exile' in England in 1943, stayed in London most of his life but eventually inherited his family home in this commune that he later retired to. To top up his pensions he decided to continue to work as a carpenter part time and registered AE. His widow is a French au pair he met in London in the 60s who stayed as well and then came back here with him. She was distraught and totally incapable of doing anything for ages and is still catching up now, which I think is common enough amongst the bereaved. URSSAF, RSI and others were not informed and now they are putting pressure on her to pay up for what he owes as if he was still alive and working. Worst of all, they have now decided they want full details of his private and state pension from the UK from the time he arrived in France, plus all details of hers. It would appear she is now getting quite ill under the strain. So the system is still suffering teething problems then if death doesn't deter them from making demands.

Thanks Tracy and Finn,

I registered ages ago but continued with the paper déclarations, yes Finn typically French... but seeing as this last quarter's seems to be a bit late I've taken the plunge and declared online and saved an .xps copy. Yes I agree it's far easier than filling in the form, plus it saves a stamp and scanning the déclaration for my records before sending it etc. If only everything could be so easy...!