Dating in France for expats!

Sometimes we end up alone - it wasn’t meant to happen, but it did. I was widowed, my friends were divorced, some had never found ‘the one’. We were a single group of girls living in France and not sure how to find someone new.

I tried a few dating sites, they were the really big ones, in French and a bit too much for me and my slow French and slower response to romantic approaches.

I was really only ready to reach out and make friends, with chaps and have a laugh, a drink and maybe more. But there weren’t any sites like that for me, not for English speakers in France.

I told my friends my lament and they said ‘start one!’ So I did.
It’s here

That was over 4 years ago and now there are hundreds of people from all over France joined up. Loads of people have met, become couples, found happiness. Including me!
Take a look, try it out. We didn’t move to France to live our dream alone, we came to share it. Join us and share your dream too.

Dear Katie please could you find somebody for my wife, I’m in need of a bit of peace and quiet. I’ll send you her details. Thank you.

By the way do you really need to use that pathetic corporate language “reach out” ? Make contact with or find is much better and more to the point.

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Hello David, sorry about the ‘pathetic reach-out’, it’s the way I speak. I’ll try to be less pathetic.

Yes I’ll gladly find somebody for your wife. I’ll give her free membership and all the help she needs. :slight_smile:


Thanks Katie, she said her bag will be packed within the hour and that she is looking forward to reaching out to your clients. Thank you for your help. By the way do you know anybody I can reach out to as I’m looking for a new engine for my Hornby train set, (gauge 00 only).


Hi David, I’ll bet she’s really looking forward to her new adventure! she’s probably been thinking about it for many years…

I used to have a set, although it was marklin z scale. I’m sure there will be lots of ladies who would be thrilled to talk train sets for hours with you, especially just before bedtime when they are suffering sleepless nights.

I wish you much good luck in your endeavors and do please let me know how you are progressing.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Hello Katie

Thanks for your post, it’s a great idea for those looking to find a partner in life.

Nice to read that you found happiness too, encouraging for others, especially David :wink:


Hi Ann,

Much thanks!!

David does sound like he needs a bit of help doesn’t he…


Hi - out of interest I had a quick look and saw your new members - sorry but cannot believe Michael is single - defo looks like a “model plant” to me…:thinking::yum::heart_eyes:

Hi Lynne, we don’t do plants of any sort. Let me check this out please and thank you for bringing it to my attention.

Hi Lynne, I checked out all the Michael’s and they came back OK. Could you contact me please with more specifics.



Don’t you mean Micheal?

There’s more than one person with the name Michael!

Here is a Michael

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I think it might have been a lighthearted remark, meaning she thought whatsisname was very attractive and that it was, therefore, surprising he should be single and looking for l’âme soeur online.

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oh dear, looks like he’s going to need a lot of help!