Day Night Electric Switches breakers

I am at home in Netherlands but plotting the next 4 weeks of renovation to our old farmhouse in The Chartreuse. But I have left my Everything about French Electrics book in France.

I was wondering how the jour/nuit disjoncteurs work for the hot water and heating system?
Seems you need a special breaker for the fuse box but do I need anything else in the fuse box e.g a timer and do ErDF have to give me a special account or dual meter.

Many thanks in advance for any advice


To operate a water heater via the HP/HC switching signal provided at the meter you require the following:
A maximum 20A disjoncteur for the actual water heater load circuit (which must be in 2,5mm² conductors).
A 2A disjoncteur to protect the switch circuit that runs from the main tableau to the meter & back (uses 1,5mm² conductors)
A “contacteur jour/nuit” to respond to the switch circuit & to do the actual power on/off of the water heater.

There’s a diagram here.

There is no need for a timer as the grid/meter does all that for you.

If you are using a heating programmer (such as a Delta Dlore Calybox) then the 1,5mm line to the meter is not used & instead you use the “téléinfo” contacts on the meter to run the programmer digitally via a screened cable. The water heater hardware works the same though.

More info about that here.

All the above only works if you have the right electricity account (heures creuses/heures pleines) & a “double tarif” meter, which used to be a different item in the days of mechanical meters but nowadays is just a question of having the digital meter reprogrammed. Your bills will say what you are subscribed to if you can’t work it out from your meter display.

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Guys I read your posts with interest. We have this system with a Hagar contacteur which has three positions O - Auto - I.
Am I correct in assuming that the ‘Auto’ position is the one which switches on when the cheaper night rate becomes available? (I know it’s dangerous to assume anything with regard to anything French!)
Trouble is,I don’t have any instructions as to its use. We have a Tariff Bleu account with EDF.

Any assistance you can give would be great.


Yes that is the one we have for the hot water

see satached a screen dump from my excellent Electricite Par Soi Meme book

Thanks Andy. Since posting I’ve found that a wire linked to A2 on the contacteur has come loose. Now fixed… We’ll try tonight on Auto and see what happens. Fingers crossed. Cheers.