Day trip to France

I would like to do a day trip across the Channel. However, I can’t find anything cheaper than £160. It’s clearly not worth it at that price. Anyone come across anything cheaper? Admittedly I am looking mid-July.

Has the reputation for being one of the most expensive ferry crossings in the world. Mid- week is likely to be your best bet.
Booking sites are a pain. They all demand to know when you want to travel. No option for “Don’t care, just find me the cheapest!”
Young travellers used to hitch a ride with a truck driver, or a car with a spare seat, but I guess that is not so easy in the present situation.

I know it’s a long time ago… but we did so enjoy the £10 day trip… stock up with French goodies in Calais or wherever… and a few bottles in the Duty Free… and cigarettes in those days… King Edward cigars would make good Christmas presents too…


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At one time a £10 day trip actually got you a free bottle of Whisky, so it cost no more than the drive to Dover.
A friend celebrated his birthday by taking us out for a meal in Calais.
Fares were cheap because they made their money out of the duty-frees.
A sort of floating off licence. Good old times! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

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July and August are always expensive! Sometimes end of August can be cheaper🤔
Late afternoon through the Chunnel, dinner in France maybe a little shopping in the supermarket and home, all for £2 return, now that was fun :+1: