DCEM (Document de Circulation cards for minors

Just wondering if anyone has found themselves in this situation or has any trusted advice… Long post ahead…

We (UK passport holders) have been living/working in France for 10 years & as required, my OH & I got our Cartes de Séjour post Brexit.

Our now 14 year old daughter was, & still is, too young to get a Carte de Séjour (CdS) in her own right. For travel purposes we were told that if she travelled with one of her parents, she was covered by our CdS but if she wanted to travel alone she would need a DCEM.

We applied for a DCEM last year and were rejected. We haven’t been able to find out why, but have re-applied but wait times are long.

On returning home to France, the customs officer told us that our daughter wasn’t covered by our CdS and stamped our daughter’s UK passport with an entry date and told us she was only eligible to stay in France for 90 days before “returning home to England”. The British consulate tell me they are unable to get the stamp removed; I can’t find anyone at the Prefecture to help; and am having problems getting an appointment with an Immigration lawyer.

Any suggestions who to talk to? An upcoming trip may have to be cancelled if we can’t guarantee that she can get back into France.
Thank you.

Gosh… this must be so stressful for you…

I’m presuming that your daughter is in full-time education here in France and has been since she was 4 years old… ??? so having France as her country of residence should be clear enough to the powers that be …???

When you say “rejected”… is that because the long-wait of 2 months or more is taken to mean rejection… or a definite “no”…??

EDIT: because I hate stress… I’d cancel travel plans until I knew all would be well… but, of course, it’s up to you.

Thanks Stella. Yes, she’s been in full-time education since she was 4.
When we applied for the dcem last summer, we were told that if we hadn’t heard in 3 months, it had been rejected. We have not beeable to find out why…

I’ve sent you a PMessage

First off, don’t worry overly about the stamp. Lots of people are still getting stamped and the advice si that if your papers are in order and you can prove your residential rights then that overtakes the stamp.

Secondly, contact Remain in France together

A women there - Justine Wallingham (sp?) has great contacts and has resolved many difficulties for WARP card holders

The “haven’t heard in X months” is a standard phrase and doesn’t necessarily mean rejection but can just as easily mean your dossier is behind the filing cabinet.

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:+1: :+1: Snap!!

I am inclined to agree but nevertheless in this case the daughter does not have any papers to be in order except for the stamped passport. A little worrying to say the least.

A British man I know, living & working as a lorry driver in Canada, knew that his 90 day visa waiver for his planned delivery in Texas would expire before he got back so, following the rules asked at the border for a renewal, The man behind the desk was busy and waved him away saying don’t worry it will be seen to be legal and you’ll be ok.

After delivering his load he was directed to reload near the Mexican border and after that on the road which is heavily checked because of ‘illegals’ was stopped and ended in gaol awating deportation to UK. It was only the arrival a friend who insisted on seeing someone more important that the justification was realised so that he could get the renewal there and return home.

Sometimes being in the right is not enough.

I really do hope you get it sorted @Esther_Miller and very soon and please keep us up to date on the result. :grinning:

How about a Carte Vitale and CEAM (for travel outside of France) for the 14 year old… I believe they are available and certainly show that said enfant is in the French System…

(of course, you might have already got these bits)

just throwing thoughts into the air… while the DCEM is being sorted…

One doesn’t wish to judge Mexican administration and probity unfairly, but not exactly the same thing as arriving at Charles de Gaulle.

During the WARP chaos people were advised to travel with alternative proof of residence, which is less easy for a young person bit still possible. Maybe this is the moment for a stamped letter from the mayor of her commune saying she lives here?

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Not that easy for an old person these days either. All our utilities are on line so we don’t get any utility bills in the post these days to prove where we live. And as it’s not my name on the bill but my husband’s anyway I don’t have much proof of where I live. :roll_eyes:

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You can have your name put on the bill, I did this with EDF so
as to have an easier proof of address

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You don’t get a carte vitale of your own until your 16th birthday.

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Normally 16 but, for info, you can ask for one once your child is 12. My daughter’s got her own (15 years old and she’s boarding so it makes things easier). Waiting for my son’s to come through too, he’s 13 :wink:


You can also get an attestation de scolarité from her school for this academic year, which proves she is educated full-time in France. Laminate it.


Thanks for confirming my thoughts… :+1:
How about the CEAM … can we presume that that is also available on request for a teenager going abroad ???

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Exactly, mine both have one :wink:

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You can get an attestation de domicile online from EDF, also from Ameli. Plus download all sorts of bank/utility’s, mobile phone statements.

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Yeah when you contact them they’ll probably ask for copies of documents you’ve already sent

Seriously though, this just sounds like lost application or despite what they’ve said about three months, it taking longer due to local factors.


Thank you all so much for your replies and thoughts.

I decided to take the bull by the horns this morning and walk around town until i got a satisfactory answer…

Mairie - very nice, no idea, try customs
Customs - no idea, try the airport
Customs at airport - very helpful & gave me the direct number of the Police Frontalier
Police Frontalier - again very helpful & friendly. In theory the dated stamp in my daughter’s passport doesn’t actually mean anything as she’s a minor. No guarantees, but she shouldn’t be stopped when trying to re-enter France. They suggested - as did several of you - to send her along with a photocopy of my carte de Séjour & her Attestation scolaire. As she’s going on a school trip, the school can vouch for her. Hopefully by the time she is due to travel by herself, her DCEM card will have arrived :crossed_fingers:


If your child attends fulltime schooling in France, you should be able to get a Certificat de Scolarité. Whilst it may not be sufficient in its own right to meet the requirements for obtaining the DCEM, it might be useful: