De Vere Group

I was recently contacted by someone from the De Vere Group for independent financial advice. I wondered if anyone had heard of them or been contacted by them and if they are any good.


I've heard of them and know someone who has worked for them who doesn't have a good word to say about them. They used to call me all the time and I have a feeling they are very much transaction based not client focused.

I speak to a contact at DeVere group regularly and they have transferred my pension to a QROPS. vI'm happy with them and they are always professional when I deal with them. They are registered and regulated in the UK but operate worldwide. My contact is a lovely lady called Amanda Bloomfield 05 67 31 00 94

I was approached by them some time ago and having had a discussion with one of their advisors in Paris about QROPS, I agreed to sign a letter giving them permission to contact my Pension Co trustees in the UK. I was asked to post this to Malta. After 3 months they contacted me saying they had never received it and I was asked to email it to them which I did. 3 months later I contacted them asking for news. Apparently they had lost my email due to equipment problems. I was asked to send it it again which I didn't do. 2 months later they chased me and left a voicemail. I sent an email asking to be removed from their database, my request was acknowledged.

Whatever they are, they are not efficient.

Hi Louise. I got fed up with them constantly calling that the last time they called I asked to speak with the person's line manager and insisted that I never wanted to hear from them again.

It appears to have worked.

Yes, thanks to everyone.


And some decent banter as well !

You see what benefits there are from being an SFN member, Louise, lol. You ask for advice and get reassurance that your suspicions are well founded.

Yes, I have researched them a bit since I posted this and have come to the same conclusion.

The De Vere Group operate as independent financial advisers, that is the advisers are independent from the De Vere Group, not that they give you independent financial advice.

They undertake minimal training and we were told about them by our investment managers.

Yes, I think they found me through Linkedin as the guy had looked at my page.

Don't think I need the garlic though!

There's some serious skrying going on here today, what with Brian being at Kempton Park and now the garlic some local escalope de veau to sort out for tomorrow, must remember to accomplish the garlic rites in the proper manner :)

It can get confusing though, can't it, as there are a myriad of these people, many with similar names so it's sorting the wheat from the chaff type of thing. Many simply seem to target (or pay phishers to find) British expats and then simply cold call repeatedly. I think with any financial matters, if you actively seek advice by researching good, local companies or receive a recommendation (as I see James posted one above) then all well and good - if they actively seek you out without an initial inquiry or an invitation from you, avoid.

I have visions of Ian leaping around the kitchen swinging a string of garlic ....

Oh, p.s., I saw somewhere when I was Googling that they may have been called Britex (I think it was) in a previous life so if anyone calls again using that name, also be wary.

Wonder if they are anything to do with this gentleman :

*swiftly brandishes garlic*

Thanks for your replies. I looked at your links Valerie and also googled them myself. This is the second time I have been contacted by them in a year about pension plans.

Quite :-)

Avoid with longest bargepole you can find.

Aha, I wondered why one of their executives asked to be "friends" on LinkedIn, and why my profile keeps getting their attention. Nice one, Val, thanks.

Louise, I can recommend Brian Furzer of Spectrum Financial for financial advice, I have no experience with De Vere.