Dead but not really!

This is my worst nightmare…reminds me why the people here in France occupied with dealing with funerals were at one time, and still are, ( well here at any rate) called ‘croque mortes’.
Apparently the job of the person occupied with all that the ‘services’ of a deceased involved also had to bite on a finger of the deceased. If there was no reaction then the service could proceed…:zipper_mouth_face:
Sorry, not a lightweight topic but in view of the news today maybe relevant !

You just never know… horrible thought …buried alive… or worse…

Anyway, true story… my young nephew, learning about the Resurrection at Sunday School… “and on the 3rd day… rose from the dead…”
he was very unsettled when his parents collected him.

As soon as he got home, he rushed to find his bucket and spade…yelling to his parents… we’ve got to dig Nanna up… it’s been more than 3 days… she needs our help… :hugs:

He’s a strapping six-footer now, but still has a caring nature, bless him…


Burial at sea, when yer sewn up in yer bag, the last stitch goes through yer nose, if yer don’t ‘squeak’ then, over yer goes laddie :rofl:


love your stories Bill and Babeth you are a amazing couple


In my case, just lucky :slightly_smiling_face: