Dead heat pump

Excellent (not), arrived expecting to find the system on and warm (having left it switched on last time, in case of a cold snap) and everything is stone cold, DHW pump running so water circulating through heat exchanger (AFAIK, starting from cold the system prioritises DHW, then the heat store, then the rads) but the return pipe from the outside heat pump is stone cold.

System pressure is low normal - which is what is always is when cold, and no sign of a fault code anywhere but no sign of heat either.

To add insult to injury it’s p*****g it down so I don’t really want to go and get the service panel off the pump itself and see if that is showing a fault, oh and the gutters are blocked so they are spewing water everywhere :frowning:

I have fan heaters, can light a fire (but will have to venture to the shed to get more wood, so that can wait until the rain abates a bit) and fortunately the system has an immersion heater in the DHW tank so I have hot water (now, not having hot water would have been miserable, given the weather).

Therefore it’s in annoyance territory not disaster. But I will need to “get a man out” I suspect.

Anyone know of a good pompe chaleur engineer that covers the 20km or so east of Redon?

Last thing you want when arriving. Any sound from the compressor? Any manual mode you can select?

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Seems to be behaving normally - including house lights dimming as though the compressor is starting, for now I’ve put it in stand-by and will have a look later if I can. As I’m here on my tod my wife has located the facture we had last time & emailed a scan so I might start there. Not sure if they will talk to me direct, last time we had issues I tried the original system installer first and he organised them, but then totally blanked me on asking for a devis for some other stuff so I’m not that enthusiastic about getting him involved again.

The rain, at least is easing slightly but I need to do some shopping and then catch up on some kip - having got up at 4:30 and then driven just shy of 300km this morning my brain won’t be good for anything until I do.

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Don’t worry about that, you soon get used to that in France :laughing:


But it looks like he’s just a middle man for the heat pump stuff anyway, so won’t be adding a lot of value.

And then with luck you will wake up and find that the solution is obvious - you were just too tired to see it. :crossed_fingers:t3:


It doesnt sound serious like a refrigerent leak as that would show as a fault code. Have you done an engineers re-set ( switch off leave for a while and re-start)

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Not for the whole system - but, yes I turned the power off to the heat pump for 30 seconds.

I have a partial crib sheet, plus wiring diagrams. Still don’t fancy trying to get into it today - though tomorrow isn’t looking that much better. Perhaps tomorrow morning when the forecast is only “scattered showers” and 30km/h winds with 50km/h gusts. The priority tonight is to cut some wood before it gets dark (no light in the wood store).

Will need to see if that red LED is flashing - though the fault code *should* be showing on the control in the cellar if that’s the case.

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Tell you something - glad I had the chimney swept :slight_smile:


what did you put in its place?


Very funney.

People really shouldn’t make jokes at your predicament. You must be fuming. Don’t get hot headed though. It’s easy to build up a head of steam. The flames of rage will burn. That said, there’s something to be said for not blowing smoke up ones arse, pouring cold water on their ego, so perhaps it’s good to strike while the irons hot and make a few jokes.


Urgh horrors and commiserations, good luck fixing it or finding someone who can :crossed_fingers:

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Bet you are! You poor bugger, what a welcome back to France! Thoughts with you xx


Our pompe a chaleur is also dead.
It is an Italian model, Clivet, and there is no engineer within 75 k . We had a huge problem getting anyone to even come and look. Eventually Clivet paid for an initial finding.
It turns out that the initial installation was badly done as was the following servicing.
This was eleven years ago and we seem to have paid the price for using new technology.
We now are waiting for a second devis for installing a new one.
The first engineer says that he cannot do anything until September.
One of the problems we found is that you need to find an engineer registered on your particular make of pump.
Good luck.

Have just looked on our company website and the nearest to you is Cegelec in Rennes, not sure they deal with individual homeowners.

I suspected that was likely - which is why I think I’ll start by emailing the people that came last time as they will presumably be able to work on Stiebel-Eltron systems.

Whether they will deal with me direct is another issue as Wozza identifies, not only are French Artisans thin on the ground they like their chain of command - there is an outfit nearby, which claims entretien pompe chaleur on their building, but when I wandered in to enquire it was clear they were not into anything tawdry like dealing with particuliers direct.

Well, perhaps if I did get hot under the collar that would remove the need to have the heating running :slight_smile:

If I do any fault finding this morning I’ll need to try to prevent the (now hot) water in the DHW cylinder being pulled into the heat exchanger and confusing things.


It is a ground source pump, so all the infrastructure is already installed.
You are right though, it will be ouch.

Oh no how extremely tedious, good luck with it :crossed_fingers: