Dealing with an entire pig's head today!

I’ve been given a whole pig’s head and my task for today is to turn it in to something edible, I’ll keep you posted.

Any advice would be most welcome!

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Somewhere in the depths of my computer I have a photo of a pig’s head hanging on a hook and my neighbour José’s head (still on his shoulders) alongside… made a fun photo for the village that day.

I think it was about the last time a travelling-slaughterman was legally allowed to perfom the kill in the barn… and then the ladies of the village swooped in like vultures…


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I think I’ll do half like this, need to get my saw out.

Butchering the thing likely to throw up a challenge or two, I reckon, unless you know a friendly charcutier who will do it for you. I would imagine métal cutting shears to remove tongue, snout, ears etc., a bolt cutter to disarticulate the jawbone, a circular saw to take off the top of the skull so as to remove the brain, which would be the easiest bit to cook, sliced and sautéed in butter? I’m guessing wildly, but it’s a great question and I hope you will share your eventual culinary tactics. Tomorrow?

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Yes, I’ll let you know how I get on! I think I’m going to take it to the workshop and halve it with a sabre saw :pig::face_with_head_bandage:

Hi James Pigs cheeks are a good cut of meat for slowcooking. The rest can make brawn. Yum Yum

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My Nan used to get half a pig’s head from the butcher and roast it for hours and hours. It cost 50p (back in the early 1990s) and had lots of good meat including the tongue and brains of course. The crackling was glorious. They would eat off it for several days.

Hope you find some good recipes.

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Wash and a shave to start with :pig::hocho:

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There is no way I could have cut through the jaw by hand!

Removing the tongue and brain

Ready for the oven :slight_smile:

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Why didn’t I think of that, d’un seul coup de sabre ? :dagger::shopping_cart:

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James… I think this is a wonderful thread… my mouth is watering at the thought of all the delicacies… :relaxed:

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Serving this with white asparagus, thyme and garlic chips, apple sauce, garden peas and the gravy :slight_smile:

Not forgetting the crackling of course!


It was good!



Luscious grub, bravo!

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Absolutely a master class, James. You make it look so easy, I am quite astonished by your skill.

Golly gosh! :flushed::raised_hands::crown:

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where’s my doggy bag ??

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Pigs (descended from boar) have skulls designed to settle arguments by headbutting the opponent - they are built like brick dunnies (to borrow an Australian colloquialism) - not surprised you needed a power saw.

But I must admit, given modern understanding on the transmissability of prions I don’t think I would knowingly eat the CNS of another mammal.

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Wow James, that looks so delicious, it’s unfair to make my mouth water like that.
Have to report you for animal cruelty though … your poor dog was woofing for a morcel and you totally ignored it :wink:


That will see you through the week! (Butchers joke)

No problem. Put it in a big pot and simmer until the meat falls off the bone. Remove bones and teeth and any bits you don’t fancy. Add herbs and spices. Pour into trays and allow to cool.

Brawn! Yum.1

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