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Does anyone have any recommendations for good decking ‘rejuvenation’ paint?
In June I visited Brico Leclerc looking for some. I spoke to helpful people in the paint department and was steered towards a good value product which was ‘temporarily’ out of stock. I was given a delivery date of July 16. Nearly September 16 and many telephone calls later I have now just been informed that the manufacturer has halted production and they are not sure if it will be back… Because this has dragged on I had halted my plans on the renovation and not looked for alternatives.
Now after this latest information I feel that I have to find some other paint.
I have looked on the internet and nearly ordered the Ronseal Decking Rescue product from the UK. This has good reviews but the additional shipping and import costs (Brexit). now make this unnattractive.
I do not want any very expensive product as it only needs to last a year or so before the decking is replaced. Just something to improve the tired look and to give it some protection over the coming Winter, wet season…

This may be of interest (but only if you can get the products in France!)

Hi Mat
Thank you for the link BUT I specifically require paint not oil.
I require an opaque finish to cover all the rubbish, tat, rot etc.
Oil allows too much to show through and is only useful if it has a reasonable foundation.
My decking is well beyond this stage and needs real protection.
This product did attract my attention:
There seems to be a lot of ‘coverage’ (no pun intended) on this subject in the UK
and a lot of products on offer.
There seems to be a lot of ‘coverage’
Strangely here in France where I thought there would be a lot more decking, little useful information on the subject as there is a lack of paints! :disappointed:

I don’t think people like decking as much here, other than on the side of mobile homes which all seem to have them! I have 1 friend that has a small wooden deck (which is leathal when wet!), everyone else has tiles / stones / pavers.

Have used this to protect/seal/add grip to some shabby decking outside our games room. We ran out have way through and had to order more as Castorama weren’t planning to restock it.

Looking good so far:-


I spent 7 years dealing with this sort of problem, with bady maintained wooden boats.

If your decking is as knackered as you describe, any paint of whatever type will be peeling and gone in a jiffy. The wood sounds as if it has absorbed a lot of moisture and that will blow the paint off, chop-chop.

There are products which will do a saving-job on badly deteriorated wood but will not give you the aesthetic look I think you want. It sounds like this decking is past that. To give any sort of decent-looking finish to wood, it has to be in sound condition and very well primed and u/coated.

I think I would panel over the decking with some sort of w/proof panels - Sterling board cheapest. Totally w/proof [used for formers for concrete pouring, fencing round building sites etc] You could then roll a few layers of ‘paint’ on that.

Ditto something a bit more aesthetic to start with - a w/proof ply. More expensive, better potential results.

Hi NotAlot
I did look at this product but it seems to be very textured.
I wonder if this makes the finish look ‘rough’ or slightly unfinished…
Do you have any close up pictures of your surface?
Possibly with a hand or foot in the picture so that I can judge the size.
The other thing that put me off was the price and small coverage for the size of can!

Yes, it does add a highly textured, anti-slip finish to it. Will get a photo tomorrow.

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Did you ever get a photo of your texture painted decking.


Does anyone have any updates on what to do with ‘tatty’ decking?
I do not want to rip it up. I bought some supposed quality decking paint from Brico Leclerc last year. I applied it to old and brand new decking. Within weeks it started flaking on both so I do not put it down to the surface I applied it to. Just rubbish product. I did not even try to get a refund as I am sure they would argue the cause until the cows come home. Now this Winter the whole looks a mess.

Help - I am on a time scale - gite guests on their way, not quite yet.

  1. Any tips to get the flakes off off quickly and EASILY?
  2. New recommended coatings paints from experiences…?

You can wire brush the deck (or jet wash) to get the old stuff off. Never found anything that lasts very long though. Composite decking is the best, but its expensive

Do you have any close up pictures of your decking, then we can all see what you are up against. Otherwise we could all make suggestions that are unsuitable.
A test of the moisture content would also help.

Moisture content of external decking fluctuates wildly depending on climatic conditions which IMO treating the surface with anything is a short term fix.
I seem to remember a story many years ago when the late Queen was doing a royal visit and someone decided the spray nearby grass green to make it look better. Same result.

Yes I agree, from the sound of the post short term is what is required despite the same issue in 2021!! One of those moments.
If the wood is currently too damp then anything will fail quickly, so just trying to establish a starting point.

I always treat the decking near the end of the summer, because that is generally when it will have it’s lowest moisture content. So many people try to do this in the spring, after a wet winter, when it will probably have it’s highest moisture content.

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A fast solution?

Thank you all.
FYI - I replaced 8 or 10 rows (need to check) nearest the pool last year. The entry end that got the wettest. I then painted these brand new and the older tatty ones further from the pool in May. By July things were going down hill. Now after ravages of a fairly mild Winter, urgh. photos to follow. I am annoyed for two reasons the paint I obtained took a lot of work getting it as it was out of stock and they were forever getting it the following week. Also I had put in some time and effort replacing some of the decking including the rotten supports. As per it was not straightforward to due to the construction and the fact that the pool is situated in an awkward place so that it cannot easily be accessed on more than one end. Half in, half out of the ground on a slope!

reminds me of the time someone went in to Brico Depot to source some decking - the assistant asked “you want decking?” so he hit the assistant first…

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Then he went to the electrical department and asked about lighting, “You want lamping” they said and hit them again


He had to buy some tools but got a hammering

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