Started last Oct as auto-entrepreneur and this is my first time declaring but I’m stuck on the net entreprise urssaf site.
If I’m paid in full at the start of the year for the classes I give, do I declare the whole thing then and declare zero for the rest of the year OR do I divide it up by the amount of classes I give within that period? For example, Oct, Nov, Dec.

You have to declare your turnover per quarter. That means, everything that came into your bank during the quarter. Your declaration has to tally with your bank statements. So by the deadline which is tomorrow you need to declare your turnover for Q4 2017, ie all the money you received between 1 Oct and 31 Dec 2017.

Actually I’m surprised that you have to make a declaration yet if you only set up in October.

EDIT sorry just noticed the heading and you say Mensuelle so my answer is off at a tangent, oops! but the principle is the same. Your turnover for the month, is what landed in your bank and/or your pocket during the month in question, and that’s what you declare.

Great thanks for the info! They have me registered from Sept so I guess that’s why I must declare now? They also have me registered having another business in another town and I’ve no idea why or how that happened. Must go in to them tomorrow. Wish this auto-entrepreneur thing could be easier!

You can enter your siret number here https://avis-situation-sirene.insee.fr/ to check the basic details held on record about your business (or any business, come to that) - start date, activity code, registered addresses etc.

I’m so glad this site exists! Thank you so much.
Asked at the URSSAF accueil about my other siret in another town and they told me it’s nothing to do with them but I must go to the tax office. Luckily with my list of questions I was granted a looong waiting time to ask ‘the ones who know more’ and he fixed it telling me with much difficulty that it was their mistake so I can now forward this fiche to the tax office.
Why make things easy when you can make things difficult?!

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