Declaration of debts?

Hello All.

A friend of ours is in the process of selling her house, through an agent, to another English couple.

They have been told by the agent that they have to go to their Notaire and make a declaration that they do not have any debts ,. not mortgage related, (they do not actually have a mortgage on the property)

He has also told them that they could use a company to arrange this at a possible cost of up to 2000euros!!1 Or they could simply ask a friend to sign for them?

Does anyone know anything about please.

Sandy Whitehead

Hello Chrissie,
Thanks very much for your reply. I have this afternoon seen the friend involved , and apparently the agent had given her the wrong information!! He meant to say that the declaration involved relates to Capital gains. So that accounts for the confusion!!

I think that she has a grasp of things now that she has the right information, but thank you very much to you and your colleague, for taking the trouble to offer your support

Kind Regards

Sandy Whitehead

Hello Sandy

I have a negotiator for an estate agency sitting next to me right now!
She says it is not normal procedure and wonders if there are other facts (not disclosed) which might have prompted your friend’s agent to request such a declaration.
If you can supply any more details I’ll be happy to ask her again.

BW Chrissie