Declaration of UK State and Workplace Pensions in France


This subject may have been covered before . However (and hopefully) .... can someone advise me on how to complete a section of our latest Tax Declaration in France?

My wife started to receive her UK state pension last year. Up to that point, her medical care in France (along with myself as her dependant) was covered by her being eligible under the E121 / S1 provision.

I read the following recently:

If you are of retirement age from within the EEA, and in receipt of a S1 (formerly E121), the social charges are not applied on pension income received from outside of France.

This is because your health costs are covered from your home country through the use of the S1 form.

This means that workplace pension income other than the state retirement pension also escapes the charges. question here is:

Is it necessary we declare (on the Tax return) that we are in possession of the S1/E121? If so, where?

And in declaring our pension income, should the state pension/workplace pensions be declared separately or all lumped together?

I suspect that all pension income should be declared together in the same box - and that the French Tax authorities will have a record of our S1/E121 (we have been here a number of years) - and make the necessary provision for our Social Contribution.

But I'm not too confident !

Can you help?

Hello Paul did you ever find out as I am in this exact position myself.

Hi Patsie.

As you can see from the blank space below my initial enquiry, the _Survive France Network…_didn’t actually bother to do any networking with me! I never really got an answer.

All I can say is, after 15 years here, practically anything you read on the internet relating to possible tax deductions is usually completely inaccurate. Whether it be income tax, property tax, habitation tax etc etc… it’s all one. Send in your tax return, hope for the best, and then get on with the rest of your life in the real world. In all honesty, I have found the tax authorities in my part of the world (Herault) to be pretty good.

Sorry this doesn’t answer the question, but its the best I can do… and you may be interested to know that today will be my very last day in France. I am returning to the UK tomorrow… where I also do not understand the tax system.

Good Luck



Have you tried asking at your Tax Office ?? Those folk are the experts and very helpful…:grinning: