Declaration Trimestrielle

For the first time since I registered as an AE, I've received the form from RSI asking me to declare my turnover and calculate my cotisations.

I have calculated the amount I need to pay and got the cheque book out ready to send off the payment to RSI. But I can't see on the form who I should be making the cheque out to

Anyone know?



No, they just set up a normal credit transfer, so no need for you to tell the bank unless it is for your own reassurance.

Hi Brian,

I also declared directly online and they calculated a sum for me. I have already uploaded bank details (i.e. the account RIB etc...) but do I actually set anything up wiht the bank to make sure that it is paid?

Thx heaps!

Aha - but they don't necessarily tell you the correct amount. I'm speaking from experience twice over. My husband and I were both entitled to ACCRE and the net declaration page did not change the percentage at the end of each year. We both got fines for them making an error, the next time it didn't happen, I told them, it was cheaper.

Very good point best get both declarations sorted - remember the cut off date is at MIDDAY not midnight!

Better get your paper one in this time then several complicated phone calls over the next three months.

I am already subscribed to the net-enterprises site but it looks like when I set it up I only chose to pay DUCS.

It says on the information page about La déclaration de l'auto-entrepreneur :"Vous êtes déjà inscrit sur mais n'êtes pas encore inscrit à ce service ? Inscrivez-vous à ce service à partir de votre menu personnalisé"

Great, I'll do that!

On my menu personnalisé when I click on "Gerer les declarations" it comes up with a message "Vous pouvez modifier la sélection des déclarations retenues pour votre entreprise et vos établissements en cliquant sur le lien « Choix des déclarations »"

Except there is no option I can see anywhere for "Choix des declarations"

I've even tried to delete my account and set it up again but it won't allow me to do it; I get an error message "Vous êtes le dernier administrateur de votre entreprise. Vous ne pouvez pas vous radier"

I don't know about the last administrator, I'm the ONLY administrator!


Simon, don't you mean pay directly from your bank. I have just done my own since Richard reminded me and once you have filled in the necessary lines and the total is confirmed, your bank and account number come up. You then get a page up to print out or ue to modify your returns which, for instance, I think you can use to change account, bank or such details. Nonetheless it is very easy, especially given that they tell you to the cent what you pay.

normally you pay directly into your bank, this is what they prefer

On the site go to Portail officiel des auto-entrepreneurs.

Then: S'inscrire pour déclarer et payer. That should send you on to: Déclarez et payer enligne

Be careful to note passwords and so on because they offer no way of doing a 'forgotten password' type of recovery. Once you are used to it then it works better than the paper except that you had better note the deadlines...

Having said all of that, I suppose I should do my own instead of waiting until the last moment. Be warned, leave it to the last few days and you are likely to be told you have not paid... That costs.

I have registered with in the hope of doing just that but all I seem to be able to pay is DUCS which don't seem to be the same as the cotisations that RSI are asking for.

Am in the wrong place or do I need to do something else with my net-enterprises account?

Go on line and save yourself the trouble. Otherwise just write RSI in full and let them sort it.