Declaring impôts online

It’s my understanding that if you only put up to the maximum into a Livret A or LEP, but accrued interest takes you over the maximum, then that extra is not taxed. Didn’t think it was possible to put more than the maximum into a Livret A.

Exit: I see @JaneJones has said basically the same as me already. Our Livret A has just gone over the max, with accrued interest.

Thank heavens for that… the thought of you lot triggering the Force de Frappe is somewhat disconcerting. :smiley:

It isn’t with mine but it is with my partner’s bank.

Everyone seems to keep repeating the same thing, which is that if you put the maximum permitted into a Livret A, you can keep accumulating interest on it ad infinitum, now matter how high the total amount goes. I completely agree and have never said otherwise.

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This is what caught my attention

As mine has just gone over the max holding, I was confused, and this is why I put the stress on ‘put’ to clarify what you probably meant.

Yes indeed, thank you! What you put was what I meant but clearly you put it better :smiley:

After messing it up last year by forgetting to declare the UK pensions, I made a special effort this year ! I’m feeling happy now that it’s done.

Thanks George. It is my first time and I find the explanation very useful. As you say it helps to get the feel of the process. I’ve logged in to impôts several times but is there any way of saving any info you put in? I seem to have to start from scratch each time

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Yes, it always saves what you’ve done. You can go back & edit more or less everything until you finally submit the form, & even then you can revisit up until a date that I don’t have in my head right now.

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So that must mean I’m not logging out of the program correctly, that’s probably because I’m using a smartphone not a pc. Thanks

Geoffrey, I’m really pleased if the information above has made the process a little less daunting for you and (hopefully) for other first time online users.

Badger has helpfully replied. I must admit I’ve never trusted either the UK or French online systems enough to actually test that data can be saved! There’s some psychological flaw in me that makes me always do the returns in one continuous go, and file them as quickly, and as early as possible in the tax filing season, just to get rid the returns. I’ve never dared to actually save the information I’ve added, to go back in later…


Are you using any translation facility on the page? That can mess up the functionality.

To be fair, one might need the full version for foreign income sources, e.g. the now notorious box 8TK ?

Haven’t been in since last year yet but I recall needing the full version for something or other.

Head spinning after having just completed the necessary online tax forms. Thought I’d cracked it the other day with all the prep, gathering all the data, but found the online system so clunky to complete. I noted what I needed to complete last year, so thought it would be a breeze this year, but no, the system kept taking me back + there was now a new page asking to list out all maintenance etc works on rented property that I didn’t have to complete last year, and it just refused to save the info - input about 4 times! Anyway, all done now, and very relieved it’s now behind me :partying_face:

Finished today! I printed out the guide numbered the forty one pages and followed it exactly. Had a few problems mainly due to my own stupidity. I started by using my smartphone but I soon realised I needed a big screen to see all the options. But even on a large screen pop up windows with information or error messages were still sometimes off the screen. Anyway the guide was excellent. There were several things there that I hadn’t realised I had to do. From reading other posts it seems that my application made today will still be there next year and as our financial situation is likely to remain much the same it should be much easier next year. Thanks again George


Finally got round to doing mine today… Although I just got to the end and was warned that, despite all my income now being taxed at source, they think there’s a €1200 shortfall :sob:

Looks like I’ll be heading off to the tax office on Tuesday to enquire pourquoi, before I submit it online.

€1200 tax or social charges? As prélèvement à source is just tax.

You may find a very large queue on Tuesday and slightly stressed tax officers!