Declaring income in the UK

I have a very, very small work pension, only £300 per month paid into my UK current account.
I only use it for spending money when I’m in the UK or buying online, it is never transferred to France.
Do I have to declare it when I complete my French tax return ??

Hi Joyce

ALL your income has to be declared on the French Tax Return… no matter in which country… or what sort of income…and ALL Bank Accounts must be declared as well.

If you check down the Headings: Banking & Financial and Tax & Social Charges … you will see that this situation is quite thoroughly discussed.

I’ve no idea when you moved to France… but if this is your first Declaration… pop into your local Tax Office… I am sure they will be pleased to help you. In fact, even if it isn’t… why not talk things through with them… they are very understanding about errors which arise, innocently enough… perhaps “overlooked” or “misunderstood”… better to have the situation regularised without delay. :wink:

Thank you Stella.
This year is our 2nd declaration and I have declared this income both times.
After completing my forms today and popping them into the local tax office, I suddenly had this thought that I perhaps didn’t need to declare money that stays in the UK ???
So no harm done.

Well done Joyce…but, as I say, the Tax Folk are very understanding…:grin:

(I let a tiny pension stay in UK for spending on family presents etc… it is handy to be able to pop a cheque in with the card…:relaxed:)

It’s quite simple really - as a French tax resident you need to declare your worldwide income (and assets if appropriate for wealth tax purposes).

Exactly so, Simon…

but, as I say… if someone discovers they have made an error and NOT declared something… better to discuss with the French Tax Officials asap :wink:

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