Declaring UK rental income French tax declaration

Dear All - I haven’t been on here in a while so forgive me if this has been asked before. I’m filling in my declaration online for the first time, as the person who always did it for me is no longer available. After a great struggle I’ve almost done it but I’m getting perplexed about UK rental income. My other two income sources are taxed in France (2 kinds of pension) but the rental obviously not. As far as I know I’ve ticked all the right boxes but now I’ve been directed to Annexe 2407 where I’m asked for the nature of the revenue: “Dividends, jetons de presence/ Intérêts/ Revenues des impatriés/ Plus values ou gains”. Can anyone tell me which it should be? It’s also asking for the tax paid on this amount, but last year I didn’t pay any tax as the income was below my UK allowance amount. So should I just put 0?
Of course I may have done something wrong earlier and ended up on the wrong page!
Hoping someone can help, and if not, maybe a recommendation to someone who can!

I think you’ve entered it under wrong line earlier on. You shouldn’t get that. Is the rental furnished or unfurnished and what box did you put it in?

You can of course go to your personal space and look under documents and you will find last years’ return.

Ah maybe I did. I can’t check till the morning unfortunately. The rental is furnished.

Of course I should have thought of looking at last years!

Thanks so much. I may reply again tomorrow.

Hi Jane I followed your advice and looked at last year’s, which made everything much simpler! Many thanks.

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