Decline of a once great club

So it’s over.

As a Derby County fan it’s hard to accept the decline. I suppose after years of mis management it was bound to happen.

Especially if the EFL are gunning for you.

Never mind, it’s onwards and upwards next season, hopefully with Mr Rooney in charge.

As they say it’s the hope that kills you

Crying into my beer


Rooneys tenure will be determined by the new owners - if you get new owners that is.
Sorry for you.

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As a forest fan ,need I say more!


Thanks Graemel

Kirtchner is carry out due diligence at the moment, so here’s hoping it all goes through.

He seems very buddy buddy with Rooney, but there is a question about his committment as he made an offer in Dec and then tried to persue Preston NE.

Murkey old game football has become


It isn’t over, The Rams are still a giant club thanks to the brilliant fan base. The club in some guise will survive.
I’m not a DCFC fan but have happy memories of seeing their greatest teams. My second footy hero after Greavesie is Dave Mackay. I watched him at Derby the saw him as a manager. One of my greatest souvenirs is meeting the great man at Carrow Road as he introduced the legends that were Nish, Hector, Powell, O’Hare, Green etc etc to me . I watched them many times since and respected their place in the English football hierarchy.
This is a blip, new owners will eventually get it sorted though I hope next season can start without a points deduction.

Top notch from Rooney who will have stories to tell in a couple of decades after having been both Toffees and Man U manager.

Whether they will get to the top of the tree again is debatable but the fans will remain loyal and that’s about all you need.

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On a serious side.Its sad to see an east midlands club relegated forest could have gone the same way a few years back.
Rooney to stay at Derby not so sure but you never know.

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Nice comment Peter

As you have said there is some talk of a 15 point deduction depending on how things pan out

You never know


Hi Flocreen

it’s not helped by my son in law and his family being ardent Forest fans.

Will really miss the banter next season


But not the losses😀

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Football is a game of fine margins, three years ago they were 90 minutes away from promotion to the PL but now face the prospect of at least one season in League 1 with another points deduction still a possibility.

I sympathise too, not that I am a football fan after big money took over, but born in Manchester, so always United, brought up in Nottingham, so always Forest and always, always a Cloughie fan so both Forest and Derby.

Many years ago I stopped off on my way home with my lorry at a transport cafe (later a pub I think) at Spondon, just for a mug of tea. The place erupted as I walked in, Derby were 1st Division Champions.

I too am sure they will be back, anything can happen, when Cloughie went to Brighton I thought he had really undersold himself and they tell me that Watford and even Brentford are in the top flight now. :astonished: I once ranked them with Stapleford Villa. :rofl:

“Former Derby chairman Andy Appleby has made his takeover bid official, while former Wolves chairman Steve Morgan is among several other parties interested in doing a deal. It is now a race between them all to get a deal done and rescue the club. Derby have been in administration since September.”

Still a chance then?

As a Cambridge United supporter we are not looking forward to play Derby one bit!

Morning Graeme

With the track record of Quantama (liquidators) and the EFL so far, I have no faith that they will sort this out in time to avoid another 15 point deduction, or the start of the next season.

But we live in hope