Decompte de Remboursement - Credit Fonciers

We are in the process of changing our mortgage in order to fund ongoing works on the house and get a fixed rate mortgage whilst rates are low.

The final stage of this process is to obtain a Decompte de Remboursement (statement of monies due to be reimbursed).

I have tried phoning Credit Fonciers using the numbers on their website but none of these will work from England (which is where I currently am for the holidays), I've tried calling the numbers off the letters on the mortgage offer but again none work from England. Ive tried secure messaging off their website - black hole and I've tried emailing the team who originally set up the mortgage - server bounced the emails so assume they are no longer there. I've also sent a message to their Facebook page...

I can try sending a letter recommended but not sure that is worth anything from the UK as we know it doesn't actually mean anything and they can say they haven't received it as you don't get the AR form back which you get in France.

I need this letter asap to give to the new bank but am struggling. Does anyone else have experience of obtaining a decompte de remboursement? How long did it take? I've asked for mine for the 1st June settlement date.

Does anyone have a contact number for Credit Fonciers that works from outside France?

I've looked online on French Forums and all I can see are complaints about how long it takes to get this if anyone has any advice - much appreciated!

Don't know about CF but in Belgium my HR manager warned me not to chase up the health service just because it was November and they had still not approved my medical cover for the year. If I did, my file would go back to the bottom of the pile, she said. So it does happen. Hope it's not happening to you.

I sent the letter Recommendee and I was told my request was actioned on 20th April. I still hadn't received anything on my return to France so I called was told there is a three week wait and it should be with me second week of May. It still hasn't arrived. I called again last week and they said oh yes sorry we have a lot of backlog. We have put it as urgent and it will be with you by the end of the week. It still didn't arrive. I called again on Monday and was told oh no it has not yet been sent out, we have at least a month wait for these letters, it will arrive when it arrives. I said well that's not much use as I have asked for the reimbursement value for the 1st June and I clearly won't be able to make that with a 14d cooling off period to which the lady replied - oh well we will just automatically move it to the next month. No concept of the fact my whole project is now delayed because of it. I will be calling again tomorrow. I am wondering though does it move you to the top or the bottom of the pile if you chase it up?

Thanks Terry good idea. Will ask my neighbour.

Thanks Elizabeth, the number worked and I was given another email address to use. I have tried this so fingers crossed.

Long time since I had to deal with them so can't help there, but if you want to go the LRAR route, send your letter in a separate envelope to a friend in France and ask them to post it in France using their address for the accusé de réception.

I don't know about this particular "letter" but here's a contact I used when trying to pre-pay our mortgage:



Credit Foncier

Branch Manager International Clients

Tél: + 33 (0)1 40 20 26 65

Bonne chance!