Decorations .... new ideas

Todays lil craft idea…Christmas Tree pine cones. Would love to see other crafts people are creating :christmas_tree:


I will be making decorations using small pine branches, cones, holly and candles.

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I would love to see!

My wife made this a couple of years ago.

There are many more corks saved for this year!


I love it!! I have ideas for corks! But corks R hard to find if one doesnt drink wine!!:wine_glass:Please tell your wife…its beautiful!

Pleased to see that you are making such sacrifices to help your wife’s project Mat :rofl:

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Why not ask friends to save theirs ? Restaurants and bars are a good source too. Maybe your older children could ask their schoofriends parents to save them…
If nothing else it will be a good talking point as people wonder what on earth you want them for :wink:


I will try a few restaurants but am told wine drinking is getting more rare here where i live. I guess everyone prefers beer!!! Or hard alcohol! I noticed that stores dont carry over 40 proof alcohol…that is like a good mouth wash! Im used to (when i would drink about 2 times per year) 80 proof or even 100 proof!

Once the wax melts, the scent of the apples is lovely.


Do cobwebs count ? :rofl:

Seriously there are a lot of talented people around, what a good idea to share ideas here too :slight_smile:

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I hope so Ann, plenty of cobwebs in my abode!!!

My hubby used to make candles for baptisms and marriages. It was his business though so they had to be good. Here’s some examples.



U use real apples???

Wow!!! I would love to learn how!

Here’s the ones he used to make for les églises pour pâques.

As you have an artistic flair it’s probably easier than it looks. I tried it and ended up with a horrible mess.

You buy the candles undecorated. The flowers and leaves have to be dried and pressed to remove the moisture. The gold elements are made of wax and you buy from a candle shop. The words are printed using a handheld little machine but the name escapes me. Everything is attached using molten wax, tweezers, a knife and lots of skill and patience. Once it’s all dry then it’s fixed by dipping the candle in varnish, potent unpleasant stuff and, again, the name escapes me.

Not sure I would want to burn them!!!


Hi Meghann,
Yes, and the trick is to squeeze some lemon juice into the apple once you’ve scooped enough flesh for the tea light, this stops the remaining apple flesh from turning brown.

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Wow!!! Those are very impressive!! Definitely can see the patience needed! Really very pretty…thank you for sharing!

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That is really a cool idea! I had a tree full of acidic apples…now i know what i will do next year with them!

I will have a go at this as well.
Corks are very good for putting on pots with roses etc. They keep down the weeds and hold in moistire.

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Perhaps we could spray our cobwebs with spider safe glitter😁

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