Decorators Caulk

Does anyone know if it is possible to buy Decorators Caulk anywhere ? I cannot find it in the Bricos, but maybe it is called something completely different and I am missing it ?

Thanks !

Is what you mean by decorator’s caulk something other than a mastic in a tube for sealing eg windows, bathroom sinks etc? When I google decorator’s caulk that’s all I get in the images (see below). In which case, it’s basically mastic in a tube and you can find it everywhere - I’m guessing you must mean something different / more technical.


In France …

Its just paintable mastic, technical?

It’s widely available in all bricos, its the acrylic filler rather than a silicone sealant (much cheaper too)

And all large supermarkets that have a DIY section.

@Corona That’s why I thought @flynnboy was talking about something more “technical”, since he claims not to be able to find it. :thinking:

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Thanks for the replies. Yes it is ACRYLIC filler I want NOT Silicone. I don’t just ‘claim’ not to have found it… I haven’t found it. Since Mark says it is widely available I’ll take a better look !

Castorama (and many other brico sheds) stock it.

Anyone got a name for it ?

It’s an interesting question @flynnboy, because when I first came to France (nearly 10 years ago) I did buy decorator’s caulk, and it was called ‘caulke’. But the others are right - it’s now acrylic filler everywhere.

Thanks again for all of the advice, I am obviously going to have to look harder !

Try - excellent place for buying supplies - delivery in about 4 days is free if you spend 20 euros.

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It seems that the mistake I have been making is looking for something with ‘Caulke’ on it… I have just seen ‘Acrylique pour murs et fenetres’, so I guess that is what I am looking for…

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Look for something that is quick drying and can be painted.