Default Font Size in Libre Office

Does anybody know how to set this? The default is set to 12 but I want to use 18 and each time I add to my document I have to highlight each new area of text and change it manually.

Only a small thing but added to the need to scroll right down from the top of a very long document each time I revisit, it is really tiresome.

Help does not seem to be much err help. :roll_eyes:

IS this any good?


It certainly seems to be, thank you, the proof will be the next time I log on and add text to my document. :grinning:

Any idea about avoiding scrolling down to the end of a, at the moment, 76 page document?
Is there some way I can simply pick up where I left off?

I’ll check your link myself but you might have the answer sooner. :wink: :grinning:

Some notes here but it seems a bit of a faff.

Or you could hold down ctrl-shift-end which will scroll all the way to the end of the document.

Does Ctrl+End work?

@JohnH gave the best keyboard shortcut. Here a some others you might find useful:-

Thanks all, Ctrl+End works and seems the easiest. :joy:
I’ve made a note, till I get used to it. :wink: :grinning:

Had a quick look at that link @digitracker and the only one so far which might be useful is F7.
Quite pleased that in 76 pages there were only 10 alerts, non of them wrong, but 3 I have adopted as better. :rofl:

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