Defense Jurisdique Familiale

We are likely to need Defense Jurisdique Familial after an argument with our house insurer MAAF.
Apparently we are not covered for this on our Integral house insurance policy. It’s an add on. Is this cover included on credit cards or do I have to take out a separate policy?
Would be grateful for comments.
Thank you.

Well I took out Juridique when I changed house insurer to my bank after moving as I needed flood risk cover and the old insurance company would not entertain it from their office locally here and the bank said they would cover it. I pay it seperately each month coming out as a direct debit day after the house insurance payment. My bank recommended it because I now live on a lotissement and you can never tell how neighbours can turn out and I should be covered.

No idea about Cards… you’d need to check their small print…

EDIT: sorry… Just noticed, our stand-alone policy is Protection Juridique Vie Quotidienne… which isn’t what you are talking about…

best of luck

Note that you can’t generally use Protection Juridique insurance to assist you in an existing litigation or knowledge of an existing dispute likely to lead to litigation. These situations are usually excluded when you sign up. Similarly, there may be a lead in time exclusion, before which you can not make a claim via your Protection Juridique insurance.

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Thank you all for your comments. I will investigate further.