Definitive answers please re going home!

Hi there, I can truly empathise with you. We too sold our cottage in Normandy the same day we put it on the market and although we don’t complete for another two weeks , we miss it dreadfully. Rather though we miss the community we had around us , the very fact that things rarely changed and believe it or not the pedantic old fashioned way the French have of progressing through life! Waiting in line at the butchers/ bakers etc , the greetings everyday and the enjoyment of simple pleasures and entertainment offered with inclusivity.
Unfortunately due to M. Macron we do have a slight problem of emptying our property before the signing as we are stuck in the U.K. at this rate our buyer is going to get more than he thought!!
We will miss France so much and all the helpful advice I’ve found on this site.
Wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year and hopefully one that finally sees the end of Covid.


It seemed like it wasn’t just coronation street, but full on emmerdale! - how facinating the edit button keeps the record - when one sees 'post deleted, we all have 24 hours to see why!

I was wondering why you (and the other returner) might be ‘returning home’ and wondered whether you guys might be happy to share the reason - but appreciate if not no probs - it could anything, medical, family, taxes all sorts.

Having pushed my boat out France direction to cement the WA rights, I’m just curious what reasons I might be reversing it later down the road… Though for me, it could be a case of moving on, not going back (home).

I feel that’s the human interest story here :slight_smile:


There’s usually one of two reasons why people ‘go home’ after many years in France, the first is family, often grandchildren rather than ‘the children’ (who are usually adults by this time).

The second is one or both not integrating sufficiently - for me the saddest is the former, when one member of the partnership is comfortable conversing with the French neighbours and enjoys the local culture, and the other doesn’t. However, whilst one might think this a good recipe for divorce, it’s interesting how usually (at least within my experience) their partnership trumps everything else.

Like most grown-ups, I don’t like baby talk, but here’s another reason (remember Marky Mark) why I don’t like ‘Marky’


Love triumphs - a good positive view. I think ‘exactement!’ Madame with no French has made friends with a good few French people and enjoys the markets, city, food, countryside. I shall show her your post, thank you!

ps no offence meant re. emmerdale - I have to sit through these when she’s watching! - and also good for you claiming your doctorate, they are hard work to get and rightly deserved - my daughter was awarded one and now lectures - I’m very proud of all doctors!



Surely this should be in your ’ Why the bra?

thead? :slight_smile:

He’s definitely at least a B cup? What do you reckon ladies?

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Thanks, the most important element is the partnership - by staying together you can deal with everything!

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Interesting you blame the President of France rather than Covid


After twenty years I would have thought that you would have viewed France as your home.

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Interesting point Jane. I’ve been here 15 years and I don’t think of France as “home”.

I think Neil Diamond got it about spot on: “LA’s fine but it ain’t home, New York’s home, but it ain’t mine no more.”

Hello to all, we are almost reaching Caen as I write…hopefully will allow us to board and that having sold our house it is an essential reason to leave France!
Huge apologies…my original question was needing an answer quickly.but I must have left out saying our lovely ‘holiday home’ of 20 years, we live in the Uk.
Still have all those wonderful french friends though.
My husband has a progressive health condition and I am too young to take my pension, so complications from Brexit health insurance after it etc etc…caused us to decide quickly.
I have been so busy house clearing did not make clear my reasons but hopefully this helps anyone interested!

The signing was on Friday and went very smoothly. The notaire said how very sad that so many english ( we are in the Vendee) have and are nowselling, he is seeing a very different relationship with the UK coming.

I have enjoyed all the banter on this post though…hope everyone still friends?!!


Karen, thats the cheapest test I’ve seen. Cheers. I fly back Thursday night for the weekend so just need the code, when the test turns up at home in the UK who knows…

Thought this to be best topic to clarify and get right the current (as at10/01) travel requirements for a doubled jabbed and boostered UK passport holder with a WDA CdeS to go to the UK, there are pages and pages on the web posted by a myriad of “official” sites…and that’s before you read newspaper helplines!
…So there is now no need to get tested before leaving France it continues to be necessary to fill in a UK PLF with a reference number relating to the lateral flow test to be delivered to UK address and to be taken within 48 hours .
On return to France there is the attestation to be completed confirming one feels chipper, not knowingly in contact with an infected person and promise to have a PCR on arrival.
Completion of online registration form detailing where you will stay in France whilst result of the PCR is awaited. Obviously being provided to Gendarmes for their checks that a person is at that address.
…and of course a positive test at any point means a stop to travel and/or isolation.
And no French passport or CdeS means no entry as a second home or tourism is not the still required compelling reason.
Does this seem right…?

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Hi…having just come through Caen last night, with car bulging from our house stuff. I presented the tickers, vaccination info, we are both double jabbed and boostered, no pretests needed. Also the Passenger Licator forms with tests here in Uk waiting.

It then threw me as they gave us another form that we had to do to leave France, essential reason. Said needed for the UK?! There was not one box we could tick as house selling was not on there…was unsure if we were a ‘foreign national returning home’…think we were so ticked that one.

Got to Uk…they didn’t want it and said unsure why french doing this…so not needed st all.
Customs waved us through both sides…probably the fastest trip through both sides ever.
Mind you…the huge Mont St Michel was pretty empty.

Hope this helps.

Glad to hear you got back OK.

Many Thanks! Yes I am so pleased too! I look forward to a time when we can be grateful enough just to have the opportunity for travel without complications, in this western world I think maybe we have taken things for granted for so long…
The pandemic ( and Brexit) has shaken us all up!
Will aim now to keep life as simple and joyful as possible, from small mercies!
Next trip to France arou d end of June to collect things stored by good friends, I wonder if things will have eased by then?

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@strudball , did you have to fill in the ‘Attestation de sortie’ form which gives your motif impérieux for leaving the country ?. I need to go back to UK shortly, and it’s ambiguous as to whether this is needed for someone with a WA cds.

Hi Hairbear…yes we did…this is what threw me at Caen…I was not expecting it, we are not french residents. We did not know what to tick.
Are you happy to.share why you are going back?

Hi Sally. If I’m reading things correctly, I think if your not resident, then you definitely have to fill one in. As @strudball (presumably) has a WA cds like myself, then I was curious as to whether he had to fill one in. It’s not entirely clear online.

@hairbear …we haven’t been back to the UK yet, just planning the trip for early March and hope by then the French restrictions will be reduced, but I thought it would be as well to understand them as they currently stand.