Delete Tiktok if you work for EU

No loss, some would say.

Their phones - their choice surely?

Only on their work phones:

supprimer l’application mobile chinoise de partage de vidéos TikTok de leurs téléphones professionnels

Funnily enough I was in a meeting this morning where this was being discussed and if our Board will ask us to do it here too (in a private sector company but who deals with Nation States).

It might also depend on whether their phones can connect to the corporate network, although it should be possible to exclude personal kit from that.

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TikTok is owned by Beijing-based ByteDance . In China, the government censors the internet and uses online surveillance to control people. The government also has a lot of control over how internet companies operate.

If you have the Tik Tok app on your mobile, check in Settings what the application has access to within your phone storage. Contacts, emails, photos… All tell a story. To who is at question


RFI thought it was both official and personal phones.

Maybe just advisory on personal phones.

“The European Commission is asking its employees to remove China’s mobile video-sharing app from their business phones”

It’s not entirely clear from the linked Reuters article is it.
I perhaps assumed (maybe incorrectly) that “business phones” referred to ones provided by the Commission but I guess it could equally mean those in personal ownership used by employees for Commission business.


Considering the messages by Hancock, Johnson, etc… that have been leaked they should be banning WhatsApp not tiktok :grin:

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awww, why spoil the fun… gotta give the hacks something to report on :wink:

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