Deliveries from Amazon and other companies

My wife and I are academic researchers, therefore we order books from Amazon, Chapitre and so on. We naturally buy other things as well. Recently the majority our orders have ceased to get here with the reason being that it is an 'undeliverable address' or 'a été retourné comme étant non livrable' depending on whether order from UK or France. When it is a birthday present for one of our children ordered well in advance it becomes a severe pain in the neck. Knowing that Amazon send out EU zone orders from Luxembourg and also many French order emanate from the same source, we wondered whether they may be at fault?Until the summer we never once had a problem. Something has happened. They are, incidentally, usually small enough to go into our mailbox, so not a size or weight issue is most cases.

The first time was whilst our regular facteur was on holiday, but his replacement was normally good. We have occasional other things go missing, insurance documents, cheque books and so on but the ironic thing is that after the Amazon or other firm reimbursement of the order is through, we re-order and on second attempt get it! Our address was fine to begin with but we have 'refined' it to make sure. Now the facteur has said that other people in the village proper have had the same happen. Amazon have said that they cannot do anything about La Poste if they are at fault. I am wondering if it is just here or how many people might be having the same thing happen to them?

Have not had the problem with amazon but have had other parcels go walkies. Sometimes if you have regular deliveries they are intercepted by customs, opened searched and then sent on. I often order my dog stuff from zooplus and their arthritis product has obviously been searched and split open! Sometimes I think they get "lost" in customs.....don't order anything too interesting :-))