Deliveries from England

Dear all,

I've been looking into ordering products e.g. clothes from the UK and having them delivered to France (Cannes).

Can anybody recommend a retailer ? - I don't want to be taken for a ride on the postage costs!



Thanks Tracy. I didn't realise quite so many retailers delivered :)

I have recently had deliveries from Amazon (books, cds), Zara and Cotton Traders. I'm v pleased as all packages arrived within the promised time and the postage was low!

Hi Marianne, there are quite a few now Next, M and S, Tesco, George at Asda are the ones I use. Try the search facility on the main page and you'll find quite a few more suggestions.

Alternatively if you have a willing relative, have them sent to a UK address then sent by Parcels2Go or similar who send out up to 20kg for around 18£.