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I'm looking around for a 2nd hand hardtop for my Mazda MX5. The problem is that while there seem to be a few on UK ebay, I live in SW France. (They are as rare as hen's teeth around here.) It's easy enough to bid/win one on ebay - the problem is getting it here. The cost of driving over makes that route prohibitive - I might as well buy a new one here. So -- what I am looking for is suggestions about getting one shipped. Has anyone used a "man-with-a-van" to do this sort of thing? I know there are plenty of people that do grocery deliveries etc to France - could one of them cope with collecting and driving a hardtop to France??? Any suggestions gratefully received!

Hi Pauline,
Do you know the dimensions?
We can organise collection and delivery on a tail lift truck. I am guessing it is on a pallet.
Can you send me the collection and delivery town/post codes and I will get you a quote.
Email me on or telephone me on 06 77 75 97 14 if you are in France or call Steve on 01483 808686 if you are in the UK

I have a similar problem, but one big difference - the weight. I want to buy a polytunnel in the UK as they are much more substantial than the French one. The problem is, the supplier will only deliver it as a single package weighing one ton. Their web site shows delivery by them to european destinations to be the norm but they want me to find someone who will pick it up from their depot and bring it here. What if it arrives damaged? Who is responsible? Who can handle a one-ton package (we certainly can't)?

Thanks Ian -- it's rog(at)

I have used their services and they were very good. I purchased a full bathroom suite from the UK and wanted it delivering to the Allier in France. Quotes started from £700 but within 4 days were down to £140. I decided to go with one guy and then had the suite delivered to his address and he turned up with it exactly on time and even helped me unload it all and store it in the barn. Paid him in Cash and he left after a cup of tea. Excellent service.

Hi Roger, I will get you a quote say from London to Monein to give you a rough idea of cost. I will get back to you as soon as possible. Could you email me so I can send the quote direct to you.

Thanks Ian --- I have not bought one yet as I don't know how much the transportation costs would be - they may be prohibitive. So the pick-up location is unknown, but would probably be somewhere in SE England. My location is 64360 Monein, but 40260 and 33680 are also possible if that would cut the costs. The weight would be about 25kgs and the three dimensions approx 1.25 x 1.10 x 0.50 metres. A rough idea would be appreciated - it would help with my decision.

Hi Roger,

I run an international courier company and we can offer full or part load to and from France.

If you have the dimensions and weights and also collect and delivery towns I will gladly give you a cost.


Ian McLean

Try www., if it is to be sent from Britain

Sue -In order to send you a message I had to send a friend request --- but I omitted to include a message! Will get back to you when you respond.

Morning Roger

I too have an MX-5 - 2.5 model - with hardtop that I never use - it has been stuck in the garage for the last 3 years in its cover. (I very rarely use my car in the winter and it is normally kept in the garage over the winter too so don't feel that it is needed). The top is a dark blue in colour. I live close-ish to Limoges. IF you are interested sent me a message ;)

Anthony ... that's a very kind offer - thank you. Of course I would expect to make a (very grateful!) contribution. The hardtop is for the winter, so there's no rush at the moment. I'm looking at all sorts of options - this being one. I will get back to you (one way or the other) when I decide on the best solution. Thanks again.

I will at some point be going to the UK in my Vaux Vivaro van. I could get it for you from ebay UK. (I have done this for someone else's tailgate on a Nissan ZX). I think it will be October ish, TBC. If you are a patient man, I will be going the UK sometime ... I would love a contribution to the travel costs! That would get it as far as 41400. Base in the UK is PE8. AND I am driving to Barcelona in Wk 3 October for a wedding (i.e. from the Loire through the Dordogny [sic] to the Pyranees etc). Let me know if interested. But look at a courier as it might be just as much as the hassle of me doing it. Wife might say, 'there's no way we're going to Barca in the van!'. But it might get it to the Loire Valley.

Thanks James!