Delivery holdup - should I worry

[This is a follow-on from my previous “DPD duty” post, but a separate issue so started a separate topic]

Tracking of my parcel from Caen to Portsmouth seems to have come to a halt. It was passed to Chronopost [parent of DPD, I think] at Roissy. It sat there overnight until we paid the duty, but nothing has happened since.

Last entry is FRIDAY. Should I be worried?

vendredi 25/06/2021
Information paiement Commentaire : Paiement des taxes réalisé

DPD won’t accept a query because I’m still in the delivery time frame, but previous experience of deliveries over several years is that items are in and out of Roissy quickly.

Any suggestions?

If you are still in the delivery time frame then don’t worry. I had a parcel sent from UK still showing as ‘entered the international sorting office [or somesuch]’ in Holland when it was delivered to me here in FR.

I would not worry yet, as above my last package sat for 6 days before it moved and wen it changed to being delivered to France, 1 hour later it was delivered.

Dear all
Chronopost delivered at 08h20 this morning.
Genuine C’post van, uniformed driver.
All in order.

Thanks for all the info and advice - at least you stopped me worrying.


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