Dental devis and complementaire help needed

Pretentious, moi?

Care to cite any of these? “the case for causality in many instances” doesn’t sound very scientific to me and certainly ins’t from a Cochrane review. Like I said, there could be a link, but I’ve yet to see anything convincing to evidence it.

Can’t be bothered as you will be rude and pick holes no matter what. I have been reading about this for years now, and the evidence is getting stronger. That’s it.

Please edit your post. We do not tolerate rudeness on SF. Thanks.

If you categorise that as rude then feel free to kick me out of the group.

Perhaps Ms Jones is your friend but her statement was pretentious and her unwillingness to back it up only serves to prove the point. My comment was not rude and disagreement is the lifeblood of online forums or should be. I have seen plenty worse that this on this forum.

I agree it should be kept polite, but I might have taken offence at her suggestion that she has superior knowledge to me, which I didn’t (and strongly suspect she doesn’t). I actually co-author scientific papers on medical conditions and have contributed to Cochrane reviews, so I do know what I am talking about.


There are 3 types covered, which of the types are avsilable depends on which tooth location in the mouth.