Dental emergency

Have managed to break a tooth been trying to get dental appointment nothing for 3 months anywhere is there a place I can get emergency dental treatment?

Alternatively in some places there is an emergency dentist on call between certain hours, there’s number you can phone. Google will be your friend.

Thank you but alas Google is beingoing a bit of a monkey when I search for dentists near me it gives me tell local residential home lol

Try something like SOS urgences dentaire + name of your town and postcode. It should come up with details of the dentiste de garde if there is one.

Similar situation when we first arrived. Telephoned around … no good.
We visited the local dentist and “pleaded” face to face. It worked, as OH was given an emergency appointment for the next day.

Have you done the face-to-face bit ???

In our main one in vire but didn’t work I think I may just turn up on the one I have booked appointment for in may and plead with her

My first experience with a dentist in France was not good. Tooth started aching in December, got an appointment with the dentist in my town for March, hung on with painkillers, and a week before the appointment they rang up and cancelled it and offered me another appointment - in July.

I had been warned that the dentist herself was first rate but her receptionist was an unhelpful cow. She certainly was and you couldn’t get past her. I’d called in several times and asked if there’d been any cancellations but she just pulled the corners of her mouth down and said “mais vous n’avez pas de dossier, alors…”. I felt like saying No I have no dossier, and that’s because you won’t bleedin’ let the dentist see me!

Fortunately a new dentist set up in a nearby town and I got in there fast. I waited until I’d been treated, then I took enormous pleasure in informing the receptionist cow that I wished to cancel the appointment because I’d now found a dentist that I had full confidence in, and she would no doubt be glad to know that I wouldn’t need to bother her again.


My dentist is the best I have ever had. She is so gentle and caring, everyone speaks very highly of her. Tried various ones and not been happy with the treatment received.
One of my implanted front teeth (fitted in the UK many, many years ago) fell out, I 'phoned the dentist, explained to the receptionist what the problem was. She spoke to the dentsit who said come in today we can’t have you walking around with a missing front tooth. :slight_smile:

Our dentist is a nightmare. To start with he is always at least 1 hour behind. My husband lost his bridge and a crown at the same time and was unable to eat without them. It took about 6 months from start to finish to get new ones fitted and during that time he had to live on very soft food. There was no sense of urgency at all from the dentist. Every appointment was for either 15 or 30 minutes and if he wasn’t able to finish the work he just did a temporary fix until the next appointment. Oh, and each appointment was at least a month apart.

The first bridge he made broke within 2 weeks and had to be replaced. During this treatment hubby also needed a small filling in a front tooth. Because of the time constraints of each appointment he never really got round to fixing it properly. Over 4 appointments he would put in temporary fillings and each time he would drill out a little bit more of the tooth as it was continuing to go bad. Eventually he put the correct filling in but it was a totally different colour to the rest of the tooth and it promptly fell out a few months later. Then, because the tooth had been drilled so much it was really thin and it broke. Hubby can’t face any more dental work after the previous horror show so has decided not to get it treated.

The cost of the bridge and the crown was about 1,500€ and we had to use our precious savings to pay for this.

I visited a different dentist for a check up when I first came to the Tarn about 9 years ago. All was OK but he told me that my front teeth would fall out within 5 years. No idea what provoked such a random comment but the teeth are still going strong some 9 years later.

Deeply unimpressed by the dentists we’ve seen here.

Likewise. We had 2 dentists in our local town. One, fortunately now retired, nicknamed the barbarian, once tried to do a root canal without anaesthetic! The other, while at least using anaesthetic, is very quick and nothing lasts. In the past 2 months everything he has ever done has fallen out, fillings, crowns, the lot and he has buggered off to Ireland for his annual 3 month fishing holiday.
Almost impossible to get an appointment elsewhere, but not got any confidence in french dentists now.

That’s not a nightmare, it’s a horror story !
Incredible how someone professional can be so lax and uncaring.

I have been extremly lucky because a health centre was opened a couple of years ago about 30 kms from me. Doctor (Rumanian) , dentist (Rumanian) and physio, all excellent , so much so that they are not taking on new clients!

We could do with more centres like this staffed by ‘non-French born’ professionals. I say this because sadly in my experience, and others as well, trying to find a French dentist who is good is becoming as rare as hens teeth in some regions !

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The horrible receptionist who wouldn’t let me see the dentist is Portuguese, as is the dentist.
The other dentist I found is French.

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Looks like you’ve found one of the good ones then Anna…I’m now seeing hens with teeth :wink:

I have been in France for 12 years and have been to a few dentists with mixed results. The first one was very good but always found something to do on each 6 monthly visit. I was surprised as my teeth are good and sound apart from a few fillings. So having spoken to a few of his patients who all found the same thing I changed to another one. He was good but on each visit told me root canal work was needed. I demured and changed again and the next dentist said all was OK apart from a clean. I queried the canal work and she said "why? no root canal work is needed, your teeth are perfecly fine."
I have stayed with her, she is Romanian, very gentle and above all professional and honest.