Dental Treatment Costs

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I have recently had a crown fitted and the final cost to me was euros 94.97.
Most of the cost (719 euros) was paid by my mutuelle.

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Just been quoted ~ £3k for one implant.


That’s bonkers, you can get a reasonable 2nd hand car for that much (well maybe not in france) :persevere:

Probably even in France.

You can always combine the two:

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just been quoted 3.800€ for two implants

Seems commensurate with the £3k quote for one - probably not much extra work in placing two at the same time.

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Hello Jilly,

I can’t help you with Dental Care in the UK. However, I can point you towards 1st Class dental care here in France.

2 or 3 years ago I had various problems with my teeth and jaw which my then Dentist in France could not address. I enquired of some dentists back in the UK only to be quoted horrendously high prices or told that I needed to go to a dental hospital because the work required was beyond that of a normal dental surgery.

I was under the impression that the cost over here in France would be unaffordable, so looked into dentists in Hungary and various other countries. I also looked into the mouth of someone who had had all his teeth replaced in Hungary by implants at considerable cost; however, it turned out that his Hungarian Dentist’s idea of implants was to make a false teeth plate (denture) which instead of being glued in daily was in fact held permanently in place by 4 implanted screws, 2 upper and 2 lower. This was Eastern European “implants” . The poor chap must have spent ages each day scraping out food that lodged in-between the plates and the gums. The teeth did look like bright and shiny pearls, however…

I decided that Hungary or elsewhere was out (particularly if a problem developed and it was necessary to pay several return visits for correction). A kind gentleman on Survive France recommended me to a Dental Clinic near Bordeaux. I made contact and went to see them. They took a 4-dimensional scan of my mouth, teeth and gums, then advised on what needed doing, including jawbone grafts (to enable implants), implants and crowns. They gave me a written quotation. The Clinic was modern, clean, and had 3 Dental Surgeons, many nurses and other staff, and possessed 3 sterile operating theatres in addition to the 3 normal Dental Surgeries.

I had a lot of work carried out here at prices which were not cheap but were reasonable for the nature and standard of the work carried out. Very little was reimbursed by the French State, but that is set to change next year (for those who are already in the French Health System under S1’s, PUMA, etc.).

I also came back to them more recently to have my old amalgam fillings removed (under safety conditions to avoid inhalation of the mercury) and replaced by ceramic inserts made on a 3-D Printer under computer control whilst I waited.

Their prices are not “cheapo”, but compare well with those quoted by other dentists both in France and the UK (if you can find one prepared to undertake this kind of advanced dentistry). The quality of the treatment and the work was second to none.

I don’t have shares in them and I am not on commission, but I do recommend them highly but can accept no personal responsibility if you do not have as satisfactory a treatment and outcome as I had.

Contact: Dr. Renaud LeFebvre, 05 56 62 66 10 - RN 113, 14 Latour, 33720 Cerons.

Dear Melvyn

I can’t thank you enough for such a highly recommended clinic. Your attention to detail and reassurances are second to none and just what I needed to understand and give me some hope that there is light at the end if this tunnel for me.

I had bone grafts 20 years ago from my hip, they didn’t take and body rejected them. I was then on and out of theatre for 2 years having metal plates in my top plate so implants could be inserted. Sadly agressive bone absorption has scuppered all this work and now everything has come out before it fell out. A terrible NHS denture which is ill fitting completely “white” and a sample tube of fix a dent as a gesture of good will and sent packing…

I shall be contacting your practise for sure. Would it be possible to say you recommended me? I’d like them to know how thrilled you are with their professionalism and work.

Kindest regards
Jilly Bond

Bonjour Jilly,

What an unfortunate dental tale you have to tell. It sounds as though your jaw is in an even worse state than mine was. I do hope that the Lefebvre Dental Clinic can help you, and of course you can mention my name (I paid them in full and thanked them profusely!, so they will not hold it against you…).

If they are as good with you as they were with me then you should be happy.

BTW, Mr. Lefebvre does speak a little English.

Warm wishes for a successful outcome.

Mel Anthony