Dental Treatment Costs

If it wasn’t bad enough living through daily turmoil of Political Mayhem, my faith in NHS has been tested yet again. It appears that a dental bridge is on the list of NHS possible covered treatments, but NOT ONE DENTIST seeing NHS patients will take on the procedure as they say " it’s simply not worth are time as we don’t get paid enough from the government, to make it worth our while". So my question is to the forum, can anyone enlighten me on current cost to have this work done when I hope to eventually be living in France? This is a matter of some urgency as I have had an implant removed and now sporting a very uncomfortable NHS denture which not only does fit, shines like a beacon from the other teeth but also is remarkably different in size so falls down when talking, eating or drinking. Needless to say its back in its plastic bag. Quotes for a single tooth to be cemented on to the two teeth next to the gaping hole is anything from £2500 upwards…grateful…Jilly ps. cant have another implant, bone disease…

Be interesting to see what replies this brings.

However, a couple of French friends have gone abroad (HUNGARY) to have amazing dental work done… seems it was way cheaper than here in France.

OH has had a replacement semi- permanent bridge done here in France and is very pleased with it. Can’t remember the price, but with SS and a good Mutuelle he “felt no pain”.

There’s not excuse for dentures not fitting properly. Get your dentist to redo the whole thing if that is what it takes.

About 1500€ is the price set by the state now for a ceramic bridge, and by the look of it you will only get about 250€ reimbursed by the state once you are in the health care system.

However dentists can charge more than the set price if they wish to…

Couronne céramique (hors zircone)
sur incisive, canine et première molaire 530 €
Couronne céramique en zircone (hors molaires) 480 €
Couronne métallique 320 €
Inlay-core avec ou sans clavette 230 €
Couronne transitoire 60 €
Bridge métallique 870 €
Bridge céramométallique pour une incisive 1465 €
Appareillage en propulsion mandibulaire
(traitement de l’apnée hypopnée obstructive du sommeil) 280 €

Current dentist won’t do another or replace. Trying to get into another NHS dentist, with difficulty.

Gosh, that is disgusting. We never had difficulty with Dentists in UK before we left… perhaps things have gone downhill - or you have a bad Dentist.

My wife had a single dental implant to replace a solitary loose lower jaw incisor. This was undertaken by a private dental surgeon in Caen, after referral by a dentist in Vire.

We took on the whole payment as we had no mutuelle cover for dental work. It came overall to just over €1 800 excluding travelling costs.

I had a loose molar tooth in my upper jaw which occasionally ting-ed if I bit down it, but after two months of gentle but relentless twisting and rocking it in its socket I worked it free with a quiet pop.

It now sits in the cupped hand of Kwan Yin on the fireplace in our bedroom. Kwan Yin is the Chinese (female) representation of Avalokiteshvara, Buddha of Universal Compassion.

The tooth served me well for nigh on 80 years. I still have most of my teeth intact and serviceable.

My Dad always pulled his own teeth with a pair of pliers, and pulled our obstinate loose milk teeth out with a twist of thread.

Getting NHS dental treatment a nightmare in UK - pretty much there was an argument between the Government and dentists regarding terms and payments and the patients lost.

Anyway, I’m about to find out the hard way what an implant costs via my dentist - I had a crowned tooth for 20 years but recently it became loose, rather glad I didn’t do a DIY job as per Peter as it turns out the tooth had shattered around the post put in to support the crown, completely unsalvageable and had I pulled it out I’d have left fragments of root . Neither I nor the dentist want to go for a denture or bridge so, if I want the gap filled (which I do) it’s going to be an implant.

I’ll report back.

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Guanyin (as she is known in Viêt Nam) stands on a chimneypiece in my kitchen :relaxed:

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She’d be in the bin in my house!
“thou shalt not have false idols” :rofl:

She belonged to my Viêt great-grandmother who hedged her bets majorly, syncretic religion was clearly her thing, with effigies of Buddha and the BVM around😃
I would be stoned for atheism at the gates of the village I expect.

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I’m sorry if my own information proves to be iffy for you, I had a broken bridge fixed here, in France, about a month ago. I expected the cost to put my biggest credit card out of action for a while, but, Mr and Mrs Dentiste, all smiles, told me the new Macron teeth rules, made all dental treatment …free. That is for everyone in the healthcare system, as I suppose you will soon be accepted as legal residents?

This link gives lots of info …

and another useful link…

Apologies, but I’m suddenly finding Dentistry fascinating… (this article was brought up to date this year…) mis à jour 05 août 2019

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this article outlines free or at least much cheaper dentistry work to gradually become available.

thank you Stella, great info to follow up on…

I am in thje process of having a ceramic crown fitted, my first.
My devis is for 800 euros.

Our previous Dentist would always zap the Devis to our Mutuelle provider, then let us know what (if any) would remain for us to pay…

We could (and did) discuss alternatives, if necessary.