Dentist charges - inconsistence?

I had a tooth break on Saturday and it left sharp edges that were uncomfortable. Doctolib got me a rdv today with my dentist (same dentist for 14 or 15 years). The tooth edges were ground away and the tooth filled. During the work two tiny X-rays were taken, the ones where the patient holds a small ‘film’ behing the tooth that is being worked on. Cost of today’s treatment was €23.

Six weeks ago I visited same dentist for a filling and before doing that I had a full-mouth X-ray. Total cost was €121.

So basically the same each time. Why the huge difference in charges?

Without seeing the devis/bill detailing the work and costs… appertaining to each visit… there’s no saying why there is the difference.

Considered as an emergency perhaps, so different charging basis? Treatment covered 100% and just paying standard consultancy charge.

Have a look on your Ameli account in a few days and it will explain everything.

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