Dentist visits in person during COVID 19

Is it possible yet to visit a dentist in person for a regular check up and hygienist clean up? All I am finding still from the few I have contacted that they are only doing online or emergencies.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many things in our daily habits, as your next dentist appointment will testify.
Oral treatments in the clinics will resume gradually starting June 1. Your dentist is currently taking all necessary measures to adapt to the pandemic so that your treatments can proceed safely.
Please note that this may reduce the pace of procedures and delay the scheduling of appointments.
Appointments will be assigned on a priority basis, in order to treat patients who have more urgent needs first. In this regard, please know that your understanding and patience are greatly appreciated.”


Reminds me of:

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If your teeth are not causing a problem then dont burden your dentist as others are in greater need.
3 weeks ago I broke a back tooth clean in half and as you can imagine it was extremely painful.
I had an appointment this week and now am one tooth less! As it happened my dentist gave my teeth a check up and clean while I was there but it was only because I was there by emergency.
Gum now settling down and I have 3 months to think about an implant costing 1840 Euros.
It will take a lot of thinking about.

I must be cracking up, I misread the title and thought it was about dentists visiting in prison! I was wondering what small crime would be required.
But online dentistry? How do they do that? Hopefully it’s only my teeth that are cracking up!

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if you have a slow internet connection @Mike_Kearney it prolongs the pain :slightly_smiling_face:


A friend has just finished having her implants done (10,000€!) over last few weeks. That was done in person obviously! I think it must depend on the dentist and his or her business.


At that price, all is possible!

I had two implants 10 days ago. No problems.

Rushimg to get things done before her husband hits retirement and they lose his fancy work mutuellle…

Hello Fleur,
I have sent implant quotation to my mutuelle to see what their contribution might be. From your experience is the treatment paid for in part via the carte Vitale.
Any info gratefully received.

Hi John,
The Assurance Maladie Obligatoire only pays a very small proportion of the cost of a temporary prothèse to fill the gap, and the couronnes that go onto the implants. Depending on your contract the mutuelle will pay rather more. The treatment is in two parts, so after the bill for the actual implants you have four months to save up for the final bill!

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I’ve been quoted 3800€ for two implants, the sécu and my mutuelle will cover about 800€, the rest will be down to me (and I’ve got a reasonable work mutuelle)

I just had a checkup in Dreux (28). Admittedly, ordered by my specialist before he steps up my medication, but still just a checkup and detartrage. Not a problem getting the appointment, within the week.

Maybe if I was in prison I could get to see the dentist more quickly! lol

I checked with my mutuelle today and not much offered so as my missing tooth is at the back I think I will see how it goes.
We used to keep sheep and they only have teeth on the bottom jaw and they managed so when my gum has hardened up all will be fine :rofl:

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My dentist in Limoux has started doing normal appointments now. I have just had three implants and a set of dentures top and bottom to fill gaps. Total cost was 4800€ and we have ended up paying 2300€.

Hope you find someone soon.