Depositing an English cheque in France?

I have a cheque from Parcel Force in British pounds, but my fiancee says I can't do anything with it in France, that I need an English bank account. Is this true?

Thanks everyone. Its only a cheque for 45 pounds, so I imagine the fee will be about half of that. :-/ Its not a huge deal, as its not an enormous amount or anything, but 45 pounds is 45 pounds. I could buy a considerable amount of diapers and a bottle of wine with that!

Would also confirm it's possible but expensive. In fact Credit Agricole - who are not usually the most user friendly, cashed a sterling cheque for me, made out to my maiden name, whereas my UK bank (with whom I have banked for over 30 years) refused even though I had only just changed my account to my married name.

Depends who you are with. Because I had been with Barclays since forever in the UK, I went to Barclays France. In fact, apart from being a cash free bank (so do not lose your PIN as I have several times) they are somewhere between the two banking systems. They will take any currency cheques as long as they are negotiable (so no Dong when I have worked in Viet Nam) and it takes for to six weeks with a dispropotionately sized charge. If you have a UK account still open then get it over there where it is cheaper to pay in.


You can deposit a UK cheque, i've done it many times. If it's over 10,000 Euros your bank will have a form for you to fill out justifying where the money comes from. Also, it takes about 6 week (8 weeks if you're with the Poste bank) and make sure you check with your bankers the fees because you want to make sure that they are not going to be more then the cheque itself!

Good Luck,

Jenn Mon Ami Andy