Depositing income from Auto-Entrepreneur activities

Is it permitted to deposit AE income directly into a personal bank account or are you required to have a business bank account dedicated to this purpose?

If you don't have to, don't. Or at least open a cheap one at the post office. We're charged 8 euros per month per account.

My bank never suggested that I open a separate business-type account but a woman there did demand to see all of my invoices for the past couple of years. I refused (logic being I declare them to the tax man, not to her). They've never been requested since.

you can do what ever you like with it, James, as long as it's declared ;-)

As AE you do not need to have a business bank account. As 2 AE household both incomes go into personal account... we have 2 separate livrets to shimmy our cotisations into for when the quarterly request comes in. We are aware that some AEs have been advised rightly or wrongly to have a business account.

When we went to open our business account our bank manager suggested that we just opened a different account to our personal one to save money and not to have a business account. This has now been running for 5 years, we've had quite a few changes of bank managers and no problems. With AE it doesn't say that you have to have a business account. We're with Credit Mutuel. Every bit helps! Hope this helps.

We only have personal accounts and that has never been an issue. OH looked into a business account at one stage and decided it is too expensive to bother.

No legal requirement to open a business bank account.

As an AE, you are not a "personne morale", therefore the account does not need to be in a company name.

Qui sont les auto-entrepreneurs ?

L’auto-entrepreneur est une personne physique s’occupant lui-même de développer son business. Ce n’est en aucunement une personne morale. L’auto-entrepreneur peut être soit un salarié du privé (gérant d’EURL, SARL exclus ) soit un demandeur d’emploi, soit une personne à la retraite, soit un étudiant soit un artisan soit une personne libérale. A noter que si un salarié décide d’être auto-entrepreneur en parallèle avec son emploi, il ne doit jamais faire concurrence à son patron.