Derelict car Not working removal

Sorry Jane what link, do not know how I will get around it not being on a public road though.

Do you have a younger neighbour who might be more adept with an angle grinder?

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Contacted DVLA nothing they can do at all, They confirmed who it was registered to and suggested I just give it back to him.

How about inviting the local football club to an angle grinding Bar-B-Que. You could provide the beer, burgers, and electricity, and they can bring their own angle grinders and muscular endeavours.

Or you could perhaps use it as a chicken coup, a compost container, or just plant a Russian Vine (Polyganum Bolshuanicum), other wise known as the Mile - A - Minute plant, and let nature do the rest. Perhaps it could then be considered a horticultural folly entitled ‘Mother Nature 1’.


This happened to me once, albeit in the UK. I gave notice but then discovered that if something is left with you for six months and the owner fails to remove it, it’s your to dispose of as you so wish. I contacted a breaker’s yard/scrap metal merchant and had the thing towed away. My son is now in a similar position having inherited a house that has two garages, both of which have cars in, one of which belonged to his late father, the other to his father’s friend who now lives in the UK. We don’t drive and are hoping that someone will buy the salvageable car and that we can find someone who’ll take the other one (it’s one of those vehicles that doesn’t require the driver to have passed a test as such). It’s an absolute nightmare and I completely empathise (especially as I, too, am approaching my seventieth year). If I hear of or think of a solution I post it on here. In the meantime, good luck.

A Local died and his car was rotting away at the road edge, outside his house. Took months and months to get it finally taken away. Something to do with the Registration Document (CG) and the heirs. Finally, the Notaire authorised a car-scrapmerchant to come and remove it - no idea who paid the costs.

Monica is not the Owner, does not have the V5 and has no legal title.
Thus no car-scrapdealer will take it on.

Car-wrecks cannot simply be tipped as they are supposed to be disposed of by specialists (car-scrapmerchants).

Sad this has gone on for so long - the Owner needs to admit his responsibility.

Similarly we have two derelict cars next door - just off the public road tho. The owner died, his wife is barely capable of looking after herself and the family which includes step children are rowing over his “inheritance” which includes these two cars. Meanwhile they rot away and the poor woman is paying insurance on them out of a very, very small income.

Yes this is the problem I have for it to be taken away it has to be registered on the French system.

This Owner really does need to be taken to task - hope the Maire et al can give you some support.

Several years back we inherited an very old vehicle which was left in a hedge for the chickens. We asked a man with a truck and a hoist to remove it for us. He was happy to do so for the scrap. However when he rang the local scrap yard to make sure they would take it he was told " if it resembles a vehicle it must have a carte gris". It left us totally flatten and unrecognisable.

I doubt very much,
he will do anything. We fell out when he looked after my husband who has Alzheimers whilst I was in Hospital. A lot of Cash was taken out of my husbands bank account during his stay with him, this is not an accusation but a fact. I still have my husbands bank statements. The police said it would be very difficult to prove where the money went, but given my husband had no car and the nearest bank was at least 7Km away I am convinced I know where it went.

Oh good grief. Frankly, either he pays or you pay to get rid of it… and it would be best that he pays 'cos he is the Owner.

You might have to make an official complaint against him - at the Gendarmes - after all, the car is his property.

Its got to the stage that I am happy to take the law into my own hands and stand up and be counted. Have asked around if anyone is willing to dump it outside his house , no questions asked for 500 euros.

Hopefully some hard up farmers will come to my aid.

Jeez - if that’s what happened it’s despicable :rage:

of course its true I do not lie.

might the local pompiers take it for training purposes?

If I am brutally honest I am looking for some sort of rough justice like blocking his driveway with it

Of course not but the evidence, however strong, remains circumstantial.

It is a pity that you don’t have stronger evidence though because taking financial advantage of someone with Alzheimer’s when you are supposed to be caring from them is just about the lowest and, as I said, most despicable crime going.

the good thing is the police do have his measure, when the Notaire went to him about the car the police told the Notaire he was not a very nice person.

Yes, but unless you take out a complaint against him, the police can do nothing.

Incidentally - what is the connection between you and 51051865230 ???