Desert Island luxury?

The week ahead in UK politics is nearly too awful to contemplate, so my thoughts are turning to a desert island with no government.

Hard to chose a single luxury tho’. If livestock are allowed I would take my dog, even if a hen would be a bit more useful. Otherwise I think it would have to be a decent mattress - age changes what’s important in life!

What would you take?

Woodworking tools!

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I think those could be classed as basic essentials? I would hope for a few handtools…but then a machete and a hammer would stretch my woodworking skills to their limit. Fancy ébéniste tools would be a luxury, but otherwise standard stuff should included in the crate that gets washed up with you.

Laptop with good broadband connections :joy::rofl:

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How about a book on electronics and a few chips and wires instead? It is supposed to be a desert island!

I know, I know :grin:

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Think we did this before, maybe, but my needs haven’t changed. Kylie Minogue and Nicole Kidman with a magic fridge full of cold beer :sunglasses:


But that’s three! You can have a can of beer…

This is a new, much tougher, post-brexit desert island!

Unlimited Daiquiris

My other book, other than the Bible and Shakespeare would be the RAF survival Handbook.
Luxury, red wine.