Desirable property in Lavenham - any interest?

Just seen this for sale… I know Lavenham well… but will never be able to afford this property …it is really beautiful village…

anyone want a holiday home in the UK :thinking:

If I was buying a million pound house it would not be that one. I’m sure that the right buyer will turn up before too long.

I know the house… and (ideally) would love to transplant it…

It is right on the road and the traffic is quite busy /noisy… surprised the house hasn’t been shaken to bits, actually.

(this thread is pure nostalgia for me… I could not believe I was seeing this house in the News today…)

I went to a smart teaparty in Lavenham as an undergraduate, very pretty as I remember, I was in a wheelchair as I had pinged my cruciate ligaments at a May ball so I didn’t see as much of Lavenham ville as perhaps I might…

A shame you were a bit restricted… :wink: It’s been years, but the people and the place were always a bit special for me… like stepping back in time in some parts… :relaxed:

I remember someone stepped on my toe which had a damaged joint at a May Ball, but I soldiered on, helped by the champagne!

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Our daughter was looking for a wedding venue around Bury St Edmunds and I suggested The Swan, which was perfect.