Desktop recommendation needed urgently!

Disaster has struck this morning and my desktop has died. It has threatened this for a while so everything is on two separate hard drives so nothing vital has been lost. So, I need to get a new box asap and wondered if anyone had any recommendations? I am wondering whether to jump to Linux as well although I’m unclear whether my recently purchased Lightbox would still work? I already use Gimp, thunderbird, chrome, gmail etc. so am part way there.

Spec wise I’m a heavy internet user, business programmes (wondering if I’ll get Excel withdrawal symptoms!) and photo editing. Some video editing (may increase). No gaming or tv needed though.

Is something like this over spec?

Kathryn, that looks like a decent spec, and as your are going to be doing some photo editing , then it’s not over the top.

It’s always worth checking out Dell as they have some good deals, and if nothing else you can compare the prices/spec against others on offer.

I would definitely recommend switching to Linux, as you say everything you use is already open source and built into a Linux install. It will save you all the costs and hassle of the anti-virus etc you have to do with Microsoft. If you can send me a link to your lightbox I will confirm if it will work with Linux.